Sample Home Inspection Report

Sample Home Inspection Report

Often potential clients ask for a sample home inspection report. If clients were to get several home inspectors to inspect the exact same home it would be easy for clients to compare the reports. Since each and every home is different and each and every sample report is for a different home comparing reports can be an exercise in futility.

If you just must look at a click to download a sample home inspection report you may do so. The sample report does NOT have photographs, our actual reports DO contain photographs.

Every report I provide every client is different because every house is a different house with a different set of problems. The report I prepare for the home you are purchasing may be longer, shorter or the same size depending on what I find when I get there. I do not minimize the problems I find or understate their implications. I clearly in plain English provide you with information about the home.

Most of our clients appreciate I am happy to answer questions and provide detailed answers until I am sure my client understands exactly what the problems are and why they are problems. I strive not to use industry jargon and to use clear language. Please touch to call (973) 812-5100

I will spend time with you showing you exactly what is wrong, why it is wrong, what to do about it and what is likely if nothing is done in order to make sure you thoroughly understand what the problems are. I do not type a report for my benefit, I type a report to actually reiterate what we discussed during your home inspection.

If your real estate agent prefers you use another home inspector (with the hope you do not know why agents restrict your choice of a home inspector) please ask them if they will be personally liable for any defects that are not found by the home inspector(s) they push you towards.

During the over 29 years I have been a home inspector and 7 years as a construction project manager I know what is wrong however it is essential I explain to you what is wrong and actually show you why it is wrong.

Your home inspection report will actually tell you about the specific home you are buying. Your typed addendum will be specific to the home and the conditions I find.

You will get photographs of the home and or defects. Some homes end up with a few pages of photos, larger homes and homes with more defects get more photographs.

During the inspection, I will customize 9 key sheets for you that make reference to a home inspection book to provide you with additional details, diagrams and information about the conditions that are found and the components that exist.

Personally I do not see any value in reading a sample report because I think it is pointless for us to provide a generic report about a hypothetical house that you have not had the opportunity to see nor to compare to the home other reports may be about I posted the sample report for those who do not share my opinion.

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