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Morris County Home Inspections are my specialty. I’ve inspected more than 1,900 homes in Morris County! Home Inspections performed in Morris County NJ by Michael Del Greco. Since 1993 I have inspected 1,711 homes in these Morris County Municipalities: Boonton, Butler, Chatham, Chester, Denville, Dover, East Hanover, Florham Park, Hanover, Harding, Jefferson, Kinnelon, Lincoln Park, Long Hill, Madison, Mendham, Mine Hill, Montville, Morris Plains, Morris Township, Morristown, Mount Arlington, Mount Olive, Mountain Lakes, Netcong, Parsippany-Troy Hills, Pequannock, Randolph, Riverdale, Rockaway, Roxbury, Victory Gardens, Washington Township, and Wharton.

Morris County has a population of about a half-million people. During the Jan to July 2019 time period, http://njar-public.stats.10kresearch.com/reports indicates 2,783 single-family and 604 condominium sales. I have performed home inspections in Morris County on homes that were 200 years old to brand new. Looking around Morris County one can easily find a wide variety of home styles, ages, layouts, property sizes, and etc.

Radon is a colorless odorless gas that seeps up through the soil from the decay of rock deep within the earth. Radon is a known human carcinogen (lung cancer). During the purchase of a home in Morris County, it is very important your home inspection include radon gas measurement. High levels of radon above 4 pCi/l are often remediated by the installation of a radon mitigation system. These systems are highly effective and cost something like $ 2,000 or so depending on the complexity of the system.

When Michael performs your home inspection he will do so using the knowledge he gained from teaching student home inspectors along with thousands of home buying clients. While you may be lead to believe all home inspectors are the same, our clients often find out my going out of the way to find and explain problems puts them in a better condition to negotiate for repairs, credits, or in some cases enough of a problem to not purchase the home.

All those fix it and flip it home shows have allowed many people who know little about home systems to perform renovations with the hope of making a small fortune. When inspecting homes like that, my goal is to protect your best interest by showing you what is wrong, why it is wrong, what to do about it, and the implications of ignoring the problem.

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