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NJ Home Inspection Cost


Many a home buyer has called my office and started out the conversation with “What does a home inspection cost?”. While finding out the cost of a professional service is a great idea a far better idea would be for clients who call to ask “What are the qualifications of the home inspector who will be inspecting my home?” because the answer to that question can determine how much a home inspection can save you both short and long term.
Homebuyers should keep in mind that home inspectors in New Jersey can be licensed without performing a single home inspection for home buyers and without providing a single full home inspection report to a single home buyer.

Without providing home inspection reports to home buyers home inspectors have no way to know what they are doing right or wrong until they find out the hard way …. by either not putting a problem in a home inspection report or by putting down problems that do not exist. In either case, the home inspectors lack of experience becomes evident …  eventually.

Home inspectors who have spent twenty five or more years dealing with home inspection clients are likely to charge more than the new home inspector who is desperate to get his or her name out there and who is anxious to get some of those hot referrals from real estate agents. Home inspectors who want to get referrals from real estate agents may learn all too quickly that referrals are sometimes given by unethical real estate agents to inspectors who play the game.

After years in the home inspection business, those home inspectors may realize playing the game to get referrals from unethical real estate agents is simply not worth all the screaming phone calls they get from previous home inspection clients. However, simply going straight and doing the right thing for future clients does nothing for the clients that got less than candid home inspection reports.

What does a home inspection cost initially?

Properly performed home inspections by experienced home inspectors usually cost several hundred dollars ($600) or so for an average home and more for larger homes.

“What does a home inspection cost over time?”

Improperly performed home inspections by inexperienced home inspectors can leave homebuyers with problems they have to repair costing thousands, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Homebuyers who listen to real estate agents who tell them to hire the cheapest inspector out there sometimes find out that home inspectors are only required to have insurance while they are inspecting homes. The day they stop inspecting homes or the day the home inspector stops paying his insurance payment every single inspection client is flat out of luck as it is likely there is no longer insurance coverage for any of the home inspections that home inspector did.

When looking for a home inspector logic dictates that home buyers should look for the best home inspector with the most experience they can possibly find. It is far better to pay a little more and get a highly qualified home inspector than to try and save a few dollars in the beginning and end up paying for it big time as problems and hazards within the home are uncovered.

There is simply no chance to do a home inspection over again. Buyers should keep their own best interest in mind and hire the best qualified home inspector they can find.

I do not rely on real estate agents for referrals. We are not part of the “sales team” Although this drastically increases marketing efforts and expenses (costs that must be passed on to clients) our clients save money long term because the benefits our clients receive far outweigh the additional initial expense of the home inspection. Our clients are happier buyers because our thorough and patient inspectors explained everything they needed to know about their home and had all their questions answered by independent professionals who did not have a service or product to sell.

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