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Hire the home inspector who taught home inspectors

Hire The Home Inspector Who Taught Home Inspectors

  • Home inspectors have to learn their trade somewhere (hopefully not while inspecting your home), and when a home inspector has taught other inspectors you know they are highly skilled at doing their job. Those are the kinds of inspectors you want to hire, because they have higher levels of knowledge and can give you plenty of information. You also know they’re going to do the job right, so you’ll have a good inspection report you can use to negotiate with the seller about a price reduction or any needed repairs. The inspector you choose can be critical in discovering any problems with the home and giving you the information you need to work with the seller if there are issues found
  • The more information you have about your home, the better off you’ll be during negotiations. Once the home has closed and belongs to you, you’ll also have plenty of knowledge regarding what you might need to fix soon and what can wait. Take the home inspection opportunity to ask all your questions, and to pay close attention to the information the home inspector gives you. Learning about the home you’re about to buy can be enjoyable in ways that go well beyond the inspection, and if the home inspector knows a lot about the area or the neighborhood you can gain quite a bit of knowledge just from your conversation.
  • When a home inspector arrives for your appointment, they will check everything from the roof to the foundation. Inspections can take several hours, and if they are training a new home inspector they may bring that person along, as well. If you can be there at the home for the entire inspection, it’s a good idea. That will help you understand any concerns the home inspector has, and can also prompt questions that you might not have asked otherwise. Inspectors are there to provide you with information, so take full advantage of that and learn all you can about your new home.