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Top 3 Home Inspection Mistakes When Buying A Home

Top 3 Home Inspection Mistakes

One of the most important parts of the home-buying process is having your home properly inspected can save you a world of stress, money, and turmoil. However, the vast majority of new home buyers are completely unaware of why inspections are necessary and what they consist of. Not to worry, the following is an overview of 3 of the top mistakes made in regards to home inspections as well as ways to avoid making those errors.

Not Attending the Inspection

The first and perhaps the most common mistake made in regards to home inspections is thinking you don’t have to be present for the inspection. Although you may not understand everything that is going on and you do receive a report once the inspection is over, none of these can substitute for being front and center as the inspection is being conducted. Being present in order to ask questions and get the full scope of any issues can save you a ton of time, money, and confusion.

Taking too Long to Follow up on Concerns

The next most common mistake is waiting to follow up on issues and other problems uncovered by the inspector. Oftentimes, inspectors will recommend that an issue be seen by a specialist or that something is fixed immediately to avoid further damage. By prolonging this until after closing or after your home inspection contingency has expired, you may discover that the issue is much more costly than anticipated or that the issue has worsened and caused even more damage.

Skipping Inspections Of Newly Renovated Homes

Lastly, another highly detrimental mistake many new buyers make is failing to have newly renovated homes inspected. At times, contractors make mistakes, cut corners, or just don’t do the job properly. By assuming that simply because something is recently renovated that is does not need to be inspected is a mistake that can cost you in the future.

Overall, by finding a reputable home inspector, attending the inspection, asking questions, and making sure the entire home is inspected, you will save yourself tons of time and money.
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Top 3 Home Inspection Mistakes
Top 3 Home Inspection Mistakes
Top 3 Home Inspection Mistakes