Our Goal Is Not Only 100% Client Satisfaction But For 100% Of Our Home Inspection Clients To Refer Us To Additional Clients!

Home Inspections by Accurate Inspections

What Makes Our Home Inspections Different?

Our Client (You) Are Our # 1 Priority!

I Am One Of The Few Home Inspectors In NJ Who Have Pledged:

Not to allow real estate agents to influence how our home inspection findings are conveyed to home buyers; reward or compensate anyone for referring clients; produce any marketing material designed for or aimed at agents; solicit real estate agents with the intent of obtaining inspection referrals.

  • Michael will help you stear clear of the "as is during home inspection" trap!
  • I Taught Other Home Inspectors, Therefore I Know How To Teach You:

    As an instructor at Morris County School of Technology, as a field training mentor for student home inspectors and even as an instructor for New Jersey Home Inspector Continuing Education Classes I taught other home inspectors and prospective home inspectors how to inspect a home. As your home inspector, I will teach you about your new home. I will have you looking at homes differently, touching and seeing defects firsthand so you will learn what is right, what is wrong and more importantly why it is wrong. I already know about homes, therefore I make it my job to teach you about your prospective new home. Please call us at: (973) 812-5100

    We Provide Value To Our Clients:

    Initially you might pay a little more for the inspection I perform, ultimately you are likely to save money! Often short term savings occur during negotiations with the seller. Long term savings occur since problems with the home can be remedied before additional damages are incurred. You may wish to read our Guide to Choosing the Right Home Inspector

    What Makes Us Different?

    Our very thorough, detailed, informative, helpful and knowledgeable inspector will take the time to answer all your questions and to explain everything to you until you understand it. Our inspection cost may be a little higher but the added value and peace of mind you obtain is well worth it.

    Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

    Our goal is not only for 100 % of our clients to be satisfied but for 100% of our home inspection clients to refer us to additional clients and real estate attorneys. I am confident that my home inspections represent the best value to you, our client. If at the end of your home inspection you feel we did not meet our goal PLEASE tell the inspector! You will not be charged for the inspection.

    Home Inspection Cost:

    Let’s help you put the cost of a home inspection in perspective: For example, if you are buying a $ 500,000 home and the inspection fee is around $ 1000 the inspection fee is 1 / 500th of the cost of the home! The cost of a quality home inspection is a bargain!

    If the inspection turns up little wrong with the home (few of our thorough home inspections do), you’ve bought some relatively inexpensive peace of mind. If the inspection finds serious problems (many do), then the few hundred dollars you invested in a home inspection could end up saving thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. If you hired an inexperienced home inspector major problems are more likely to be missed. Having an inspector learn on your time can cost you much more than you saved initially.

    Highly Qualified Inspectors:

    Our highly qualified and experienced home inspector is an honest professional who will take the time to explain how the home functions in plain language that you can understand. When we ask (and we will many times) if you have any questions it is because I love to answer questions!

    I know for a fact that it takes a few decades to learn how to inspect a home, not a few weeks. There is a steep learning curve for new inspectors. Make sure you hire the most experienced inspector you can find !

    Why Choose Us For Your Home Inspection

    Since 1993 We Have Been Providing A Very Thorough, Detailed, Informative, Helpful And Knowledgeable Inspector Who Will Take The Time To Answer All Your Questions And To Explain Everything To Your Satisfaction.

    The “Best Home Inspector” Means Different Things To Different People.

    To the home buyer:

    • The best home inspector is most likely the home inspector who works for them and for them only. There are a select few independent home inspectors who ONLY work for clients and who put the client’s interest FIRST.
    • Some home inspectors work for clients, however, they have to be careful to only tell clients so much to avoid risking future referrals from real estate agents. The few independent home inspectors who ONLY work for clients and who put the client’s interest FIRST find it hard to get referrals from real estate agents.
    • When you are looking for a plumber or electrician, some of the first criteria one might consider are how long he has been in the industry and what kind of reviews are out there about him. Home inspectors are no different. The quality of a home inspection will ultimately mean a lot to you after making the purchase decision on a home.

    Put simply, you don’t just want any home inspector; you want the best home inspector.

    “Your Home Inspection Will Be Performed With The Same Degree Of Thoroughness, Integrity, Attention To Detail And Care As If I Were Buying The Home For Myself.” – Michael Del Greco

    To determine how to make your choice, start by speaking with colleagues, friends and family members who have recently purchased homes about their experience. If they had good experiences, follow their lead and ask to get the name of the home inspector they used. Many times, you may find their home inspection experience was not memorable, or not positive, in which case you need to do some investigating of your own.

    Realize like any other job, experience leads to better service. A home inspection is a profession where the inspector is constantly learning from his clients.

    Always feel free to ask your home inspector questions about his qualifications and experience. Any skilled inspector will be happy to provide them. At Accurate Inspections, Michael Del Greco has only been performing home inspections for over 29 years and has a continuing commitment to ongoing education. We are very proud of the consistently positive feedback are receiving from thousands of our clients.

    Unfortunately, many home inspectors do not provide quality reports that in plain English say what is wrong, why it is wrong and what to do about it. Too often home inspectors walk on egg shells, in constant fear they will write something that causes a buyer not to purchase a home ending all future referrals from an entire real estate office.

    When working with Accurate Inspections, you can feel secure that your report will be clear, concise, and well-written. Our reports list all impending issues, potential effects of these problems, and proposed repairs that can be performed. Like any good inspection service, our reports can serve as a tool to help negotiate the price of the home you are interested in purchasing.

    Those who are not careful when choosing their home inspector can often run into the problem of having an inexperienced, inept and or careless inspector. Make sure the inspector is licensed and has the references to vouch for his or her quality of work. Also, keep in mind that an inspector referred to you by your real estate agent can be trouble.

    Always keep in mind that the average home in New Jersey today sells for around $300,000.00. The cost of a good, reliable inspector who will work for you and your interests will be a very small percentage of that number. When considering the risk involved with a low-quality inspection, don’t let a few hundred dollars make the difference. Just like any other service, quality costs a little more.

    At Accurate Inspections, Our Clients Always Come First.

    • Please tell the inspector you read this far down to save $18 on any weekday full home inspection paid for by check, money order, or cash. This offer may not be combined with any other discounts or coupons. Not valid Saturday, Sunday, or legal holidays or when credit cards are used for payment.
    • Please remember we require payment at the time of the home inspection by cash, personal check, Zelle, or credit card $ 20 convenience fee & voids all coupons.

    What Makes Our Home Inspections Different? Our Client (You) Are Our # 1 Priority!