Our Goal Is Not Only 100% Client Satisfaction But For 100% Of Our Home Inspection Clients To Refer Us To Additional Clients!

What to Expect From Home Inspectors


Excellent Home Inspectors – Like Me – Are Often Despised By Real Estate Agents Home Inspection Neighborhood Environmental Report You Are Our Client. Your Needs Always Come First.

The interest of our home-buying client is paramount. We are 100% client-focused. We will go out of our way to assist you in any way possible because we have no attachments to real estate agents or the existing homeowner. We focus on you because to us the most important issue, is our client satisfaction. We take great pride in devoting our attention to educating clients about the home they are in the process of buying.

“Your home inspection will be performed with the same degree of thoroughness, integrity, attention to detail and care as if I were buying the home for myself. My candid inspection will educate you (my client) about the true condition of the home. I’m on your team not the sales team.” Michael Del Greco, Certified Master Inspector Instructor

The Accurate Inspections Difference

  • The unfortunate reality about this industry is that most home inspectors lack real professional credentials to share with their clients. These companies fill their web site with fluff and don’t provide anything of substance. To compensate for the smoke and mirrors, these individuals will try to pass off their inspection service as the “cheap alternative.” What they fail to mention is that the discounted cost comes with a steep discount in quality.
  • Home inspectors are just like any other service professional. To select the best one, you should find an individual with extensive experience in the field. The truth that so many inspectors are not willing to share is that they learn the most from interacting with clients to see what really matters. With 30 + years of experience and over thireen thousand home inspections under his belt, Michael knows what really matters to clients. Michael’s experience becomes apparent when complex problems exist that can result in further property damage, it also helps Michael expose failed attempts to cover up existing problems.There are many reasons our clients continually provide such positive reviews.

Home Inspector Michael Del Greco

  • began his career as a home inspector in 1993, after spending 7 years as a construction project manager, building and renovating homes and small office buildings. This experience allowed Michael to gain valuable insight on some of the most important issues that could exist within a home and he has used this experience to aid in the last 30+ years he has spent as a home inspector.
  • In addition to inspecting over 13,000 homes over more than 30 years, Michael taught home inspection skills to students at Morris County School of Technology, mentored field training for student home inspectors, and taught continuing education to other licensed home inspectors. Michael recognizes the importance of continuing education and has attended dozens of State of New Jersey Home Inspection Advisory Committee Meetings.
  • Under the leadership of Michael Del Greco, Accurate Inspections, Inc. operates with one goal in mind: educating clients to allow them to make informed property buying decisions.

New Jersey’s Best

When searching the internet for a home inspector, it is very unlikely you’ll find someone with qualifications that compare or home inspector reviews that offer such high praise.

It is very easy to meet minimum standards for home inspector licensing. For Michael, minimum standards are never acceptable. When licensing was first offered in New Jersey in 2003, Michael became the 21st home inspector to receive a license. In addition to staying on top of his industry, Michael became: a Credentialed Wood Destroying Insect Inspector in 2001, a Licensed Radon Measurement Technician and a Commercial Pesticide Applicator in 1993.

Accurate Inspections, Inc. strives to always provide our clients with the most thorough home inspection possible. Unlike some competitors, our home inspection reports are NOT generated by a rudimentary computer program that spits out generic reports. Instead, every report is prepared on an individual property basis and is assembled by the home inspector who performed the inspection. Our reports follow a simple process:

  • What is wrong
  • Why is it wrong
  • How it can be corrected
  • What might result if it isn’t corrected

Your report is prepared by the home inspector who performed the actual home inspection (not an office admin who never saw the home) and posted to our web site with photographs taken during your home inspection! We will provide you and your attorney with the web address to view the report. A hard copy of the photographs and the reports are printed out and mailed to you and your attorney the following morning, saving you the hassle and cost of printing them yourself.

When you are ready to contract for a home inspection, please call our office with any questions. When you touch to call (973) 812-5100, never worry about getting a distracted home inspector or simply having to leave a voice mail. 80 hours a week, you will be greeted by a trained staff member enthusiastic to answer your questions.

What to Expect From A Home Inspector

  • Home inspectors should represent their clients best interest and should provide their client with a detailed report clearly indicating what is wrong, why it is wrong and what to do about it. Most often, photographs are provided in order to allow the buyer to show their attorney what the problems are as photographs make it easier for the buyer’s attorney to show the seller’s attorney that the problems actually exist. Very often, the sellers of homes are convinced that the home they are selling is just perfect and try to convince their attorney that no problems exist.
  • Buyers have an absolute right to select a home inspector who works for them rather than a home inspector who is more interested in getting the transaction to go through. Anytime there is a doubt as to who the inspector works for, that is the time to terminate the inspection and start over with a different home inspector.
  • Home inspectors primary function is to detect possible issues with the home that may need to be repaired. They are not there to fix the problems or analyze the causes. It takes years of on the job training and skill to properly perform a home inspection. Learning how to inspect a home and accurately report on the defects simply can not be learned in a classroom or in a short amount of time. It takes years of experience dealing with thousands of clients for a home inspector to become qualified.
  • Home inspectors will let you know which professionals to go to should you need further analysis of the problem, such as a qualified engineer, electrician or plumber. Should you need repairs done to your home, he may provide you with recommendations as to who can help you in that area as well. A home inspector should not recommend one company over another with regard to assisting in the repair or replacement process. This information can best be obtained by asking for referrals from friends, family or co-workers – or from the telephone book.
  • Home inspections will inspect the home, the lot and the surrounding area, including such items as pooling of water in the yard or near the foundation, electrical problems that could occur as a result of improperly placed sprinklers, to boxes that were improperly installed and carpets that are affixed to either the interior or the exterior of the home such as on a patio. The home inspection list is very easy to follow and, considering the fact that further studies would likely be required, the report helps you to decide whether or not purchasing the property would be a viable investment. It can also give you some leverage to perhaps even offer a lower bid in exchange for having to take on some of the repairs yourself or having to hire someone to do it for you.
  • It is suggested that a new homeowner always reserve an additional cash flow to cover unexpected incidents. An example would be if a landscaping problem suddenly comes up and appears to be the cause of pooling around the foundation. This would be considered an urgent matter because pooling can lead to more serious problems such as causing cracks in the wall or seepage in the crawl space/ basement.
  • When selling a home, it is also important to consider what might be needed to be repaired before selling your home. Making it look appealing in order to sell is not enough. If someone refers to a home inspector for analysis of the property you may end up having to either lower the selling price or end up fixing the problems anyway. There are numerous places to go should you decide to have your home inspected yourself, prior to the actual sale. This could also raise the value of your home, especially considering that if you maintain your home properly the existing problems may just be just do-it-yourself jobs.
  • Please tell the inspector you read this far down to save $15 on any weekday full home inspection paid for by check, money order, or cash. This offer is a SUPER coupon that CAN BE combined with any other discounts or coupons (even coupons that say they can not be combined). Not valid Saturday, Sunday, or legal holidays or when credit cards are used for payment.
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