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Home Inspection Contract

This is a SAMPLE contract for your review. Each and every client gets a contract specific to them that will be different from this sample contract.

1. CLIENT REPRESENTATIONS AND PARTICIPATION: CLIENT represents that CLIENT or CLIENT’S agent have made all necessary arrangements with the selling party for Accurate Inspections, Inc., its agents, employees, subcontractors, or officers (collectively, the “COMPANY”) to enter, photograph, and inspect the home and property, as well as consent from those in attendance to be photographed. Inspector may arrive and start early and may use a drone. CLIENT represents CLIENT is the prospective buyer of the subject property who has the legal authority to sign this document. CLIENT is encouraged to participate in the inspection and recognizes that failure to do so may result in a less than complete understanding of the findings. CLIENT understands that CLIENT’S participation is at CLIENT’s own risk of bodily injury and/or property damage, and that the COMPANY has no knowledge of whether there are any dangerous conditions of the property that may be encountered during the inspection. The CLIENT understands that the COMPANY will not be liable to CLIENT for any accidents that occur during the home inspection.

2. PURPOSE OF THE INSPECTION: A home inspection is a visual, functional, non-invasive (without moving personal property, furniture, equipment, plants, soil, snow, ice, or debris), inspection conducted using the mandatory equipment and including the preparation of a home inspection report of the readily ACCESSIBLE elements of the following components of a residential building: structural components, exterior components, roofing system, plumbing system, electrical system, heating system, cooling system, interior components, insulation components and ventilation system, fireplaces, and solid fuel-burning appliances, or any other related residential housing component, excluding recreational facilities and outbuildings other than garages or carports to determine if MATERIAL DEFECTS exist. A MATERIAL DEFECT is a condition, or functional aspect, of a structural component or system that is readily ascertainable during a home inspection that SUBSTANTIALLY affects the value, habitability, or safety of the dwelling, but does not include decorative, stylistic, cosmetic, or aesthetic aspects of the system, structure, or component. For the purpose of this inspection the parties agree to define “substantially affecting the value” as used above to be more than 3% of the purchase price of the inspected property. Should CLIENT desire a report with a lower threshold client agrees to obtain one from another provider PRIOR to expiration of CLIENT’s home inspection contingency. The purpose of the home inspection is to identify and report on ACCESSIBLE MATERIAL DEFECTS found in those systems and components. ACCESSIBLE means available for visual inspection without requiring the moving of personal property, dismantling, destructive measures, or any action which will likely involve risk to persons or property.

3. SCOPE OF WORK: CLIENT hereby engages COMPANY (the term COMPANY throughout this Contract refers to Accurate Inspections, Inc. and to perform a home inspection by a licensed home inspector (not a professional engineer or architect) to the standards of practice of N.J.A.C.13:40-15, and to provide CLIENT with a written Home Inspection Report. Comments on items that exceed the minimum regulatory standard are for CLIENT’S information, they are NOT part of the inspection. Should CLIENT desire an inspection that exceeds the standards of practice of N.J.A.C.13:40-15.16, such an inspection is available for an additional charge to be negotiated. Home inspectors are governed by the rules contained at N.J.A.C 13:40-15, failure to comply with the rules may subject the licensee to discipline.

4. HOME INSPECTION REPORT: The COMPANY will provide the CLIENT with a written report which: (1) discloses those systems and components which are designated for inspection pursuant to N.J.A.C.13:40-15 and are present at the time of the inspection, as well as those which are present at the time of the home inspection but are not inspected and the reason(s) they are not inspected; (2) describes systems and components as specified in N.J.A.C.13:40-15 and states what MATERIAL DEFECTS are found in those systems or components; (3) states the significance of findings; and (4) provides recommendations regarding the need to repair, replace, or monitor a system or component, or to obtain examination and analysis by a qualified professional, tradesman, or service technician.

5. UNFORESEEN CONDITIONS, WEATHER, & RE-INSPECTION: Inclement weather and other unforeseen conditions existing on the day of the inspection will vary the scope of the work to be performed by the COMPANY. The COMPANY will return to inspect any areas of the property that could not be inspected for a fee of $150, or to determine whether visible and readily accessible material defects identified in the Company’s Home Inspection Report are still visible and readily accessible for a fee of $249.. Systems may not be inspected due to weather or unforeseen conditions. The drone will not be used due to flight restrictions or when unsafe in the sole judgment of the pilot. Air conditioning equipment will not be evaluated, operated, or inspected during cold weather. No area that poses a threat to the inspector’s safety will be inspected, including steep, slippery, or brittle roofs, or walk roofs not ACCESSIBLE from an eleven-foot ladder. COMPANY cannot warrant that the Property is free from any water penetration, whether the water penetration relates to the roof, eaves, exterior wall cladding, interior wall cladding, defects in window installation, landscaping, exterior drainage issues, interior plumbing, or any other system or component at the property.

6. COST ESTIMATES: Prior to expiration of CLIENT’S home inspection contingency, CLIENT agrees to obtain cost estimates from reputable firms for the repair of MATERIAL DEFECTS and all concerns mentioned in the inspection report with the expectation additional problems may exist. CLIENT agrees not to rely upon cost estimates provided by COMPANY.

7. DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTY: CLIENT understands that the inspection and report do not, in any way, constitute a guarantee, warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, express or implied warranty, or an insurance policy. Additionally, neither the inspection nor inspection report is a substitute for any real estate transfer disclosures that may be required by law. The function and effectiveness of sump pumps, dehumidifiers, and dewatering systems is expressly excluded from this inspection and report.

8. NOTICE OF CLAIMS: CLIENT agrees that any claim for failure of the COMPANY to fulfill its obligations under this Agreement shall be made in writing to the COMPANY upon discovery. CLIENT also agrees to allow the COMPANY ten (10) days to come to the property to inspect and evaluate any condition complained of by the CLIENT to the COMPANY and not to make, or allow others to make, any alteration to the claimed condition until the COMPANY has had the opportunity to inspect and evaluate the claimed condition, except in case of emergency.

9. CHOICE OF LAW: This Pre-Inspection Agreement shall by governed by New Jersey law. If any portion of this Agreement is found to be invalid or unenforceable by any court the remaining terms shall remain in force between the parties.

10. HIDDEN AND LATENT DAMAGES: Prior to the expiration of CLIENT’s home inspection contingency, all areas requiring invasive testing, destructive testing, and removal of finishes, must be made ACCESSIBLE, accessed, invasively or destructively tested and professionally inspected; all areas not accessed, not entered, inaccessible, not traversed or with restricted access including areas above suspended ceilings, behind insulation and obstructed by personal effects must be made ACCESSIBLE, accessed and professional inspected, or CLIENT accepts open-ended risks. Under no circumstances will the COMPANY perform invasive testing, destructive testing, or remove finishes.

11. NON-EXHAUSTIVE LIMITATIONS ON HOME INSPECTIONS: The COMPANY IS NOT REQUIRED TO: (1) enter any area or perform any procedure which is, in the opinion of the inspector, unsafe and likely to be dangerous to the inspector or other persons; (2) enter any area or perform any procedure which will, in the opinion of the inspector, likely damage the property or its systems or components; (3) enter any area which does not have at least 24 inches of unobstructed vertical clearance and at least 30 inches of unobstructed horizontal clearance; (4) identify concealed conditions and latent defects; (5) determine life expectancy of any system or component; (6) determine the cause of any condition or deficiency; (7) determine future conditions that may occur including the failure of systems and components including consequential damage; (8) determine the operating costs of systems or components; (9) determine the suitability of the property for any specialized use; (10) determine compliance with codes, regulations and/or ordinances; (11) determine market value of the property or its marketability; (12) determine advisability of purchase of the property; (13) determine the presence of any potentially hazardous plants, animals (birds, mammals, reptiles, insects or fish) or diseases, or the presence of any suspected hazardous substances or adverse conditions including, but not limited to: mold; fungus; toxins; carcinogens; noise; contaminants in soil, water, or air; asbestos; radon; lead; urea formaldehyde; toxic or flammable chemicals; water or air quality; PCBs; electromagnetic fields; hazardous materials associated with leaks from underground storage tanks; proximity to toxic waste sites or sites being monitored by any state or federal agency; carbon monoxide; the presence of or any hazards associated with the use or placement of contaminated drywall at the property; or any other environmental or health hazards; (14) determine the presence or effectiveness of any system installed or method utilized to control or remove suspected hazardous substances; (15) operate any system or component which is shut down or otherwise inoperable; (16) operate any system or component which does not respond to normal operating controls; (17) operate shut-off valves; (18) determine whether water supply and waste disposal systems are public or private; (19) insert any tool, probe or testing device inside electrical panels; (20) dismantle any electrical device or control other than to remove the covers of main and sub panels; (21) walk on unfloored sections of attics; (22) light pilot flames or ignite or extinguish fires; (23) inspect, identify, or disclose ancillary electrical devices and/or systems, such as, but not limited to, Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCIs), standby generators, and photovoltaic (solar) panels; (24) determine the presence of any systems or components located underground, including, but not limited to: tanks; pipes; drain lines; drainage pipes; sewer pipes or any other system or component not available for visual observation. THE COMPANY WILL NOT: conduct efficiency measurement of insulation or heating and cooling equipment or determine if the equipment will provide uniform temperatures throughout the home. THE COMPANY DOES NOT DETERMINE THE CONDITION OF: (1) internal or external underground drainage or plumbing; (2) concealed wiring; (3) telephone systems; (4) propane tanks; (5) intercoms; (6) security systems; (7) cantilevers; (8) water or sewer lines; (9) chimney flues; (10) lawn and fire sprinklers; (11) water wells (water quality or quantity); (12) Inspect, evaluate, or report on any aspect of laundry equipment including connections, exhausting, and ventilation. Comments about the above-listed items are for the CLIENTS information and do not represent an inspection. You are advised to obtain information from experts about the existence and condition of all the above-listed items prior to expiration of CLIENT’s home inspection contingency. THE COMPANY DOES NOT DETERMINE whether any system or component of the property has been affected by the manufacture, distribution, storage, possession or sale of any controlled dangerous substances or illicit drugs, including products or by-products, and including, but not limited to, methamphetamines, opiates, or cannabis, and including any and all chemicals, tools, household fixtures or appliances used to facilitate such activities.

12. LIMITATION ON TIME TO BRING LEGAL ACTION. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: Any legal action, including claims for, but not limited to, breach of contract, any form of negligence, fraud or misrepresentation, and/or any violation of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation or code, or any other theory of liability arising out of, from or related to this Pre-Inspection Agreement or arising out of, from or related to the inspection or report must be brought within one (1) year from the date of the inspection (before %enable-smart-templates% {dt date=”%inspectiondate%” modify=”+365 Day” format=”M d, Y”}), regardless of when the CLIENT first discovers the facts supporting such possible claims as identified herein. Failure to bring said action within one (1) year of the date of services shall be a complete bar to any such action and a full and complete waiver of any rights, actions or causes of action that may have arisen from the inspection and/or inspection report. This period is shorter than otherwise provided by New Jersey law.

13. CLIENT’S PRE-SETTLEMENT RESPONSIBILITIES: CLIENT accepts that this home inspection is no substitute for a pre-settlement inspection. Damages, symptoms, clues, mechanical failures, etc. may appear after the home inspection is performed and before closing. A guide inside the home inspection book provides a list of suggested tests and inspections for which the CLIENT is solely responsible. CLIENT agrees to conduct a PRE- SETTLEMENT INSPECTION of the home as close as possible to time of closing. The COMPANY will attend the PRE-SETTLEMENT INSPECTION for $249 to determine if visible and ACCESSIBLE conditions have changed between the time of the home inspection and the time of the closing. CLIENT waives any right to make a claim against COMPANY if CLIENT has not diligently performed a PRE-SETTLEMENT INSPECTION. CLIENT waives any right to make a claim against COMPANY if CLIENT did not initiate more extensive investigation and follow through with specialists on all problems noted in the report.

14. THIRD PARTIES AND SUBROGATION: The home inspection and Home Inspection Report are intended to be used ONLY for the CLIENT’S benefit. They are not intended to be used or relied upon by any other person or entity for any purpose. CLIENT agrees to protect, indemnify, defend, and hold harmless COMPANY from liability against any and all claims made against the COMPANY resulting from CLIENT’S unauthorized distribution of the inspection findings or Home Inspection Report to any other person or entity.

15. COVID-19 & PATHOGENS: COMPANY and CLIENT acknowledge the existence of pathogens (including the COVID-19 virus), the dangers of pathogens, and the potential exposure to the pathogens that could occur because of us performing the inspection. COMPANY and CLIENT agree that each of them will hold harmless, release, and indemnify each other, their agents, and representatives for any exposure to or lawsuit or other claims by anyone as a result of the pathogens causing injury, illness, or other damages arising from the home inspection process. The inspector, and those whom the inspector resides, are to the best of their knowledge, COVID-19 free and have no reason to believe that they have had any direct exposure to the virus. Michael got his first COVID-19 vaccination on 1-15-21, 2nd on 2-12-21. 1st booster on 10-25-21, 2nd booster on 4-19-22, and BiVariant booster on 9-7-22.

16. ENTIRE AGREEMENT: This Pre-Inspection Agreement and any subsequent report issued to the Client by the Company represent the entire agreement between the parties. No oral agreements, understandings, or representations shall change, modify, or amend any part of this Agreement. No change or modification shall be enforceable against any party unless such change or modification is in writing and signed by the parties and supported by valid consideration. This Agreement shall be binding upon and inure to the parties hereto and their spouses, heirs, executors, administrators, successors, assigns, and representatives of any kind whatsoever. The inspection is being performed for the exclusive use and benefit of the Client. The inspection, including the written report, is not to be transferred to, utilized, or relied upon by any other person or entity without prior written permission of the Company.

17. CLIENT’S AGREEMENT & UNDERSTANDING OF TERMS: The Client understands that the Client has a right to have an attorney of the Client’s choice review this Agreement before signing it. The Client understands that if the Client does not agree with any of the terms, conditions, limitations and/or exclusions set forth in this Agreement, the Client is free to not sign it. The Client understands that the Client may retain another provider to perform the services contemplated by this Agreement. The Client further understands that, should the Client not agree to the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement, the Client may negotiate with the Company for different terms and conditions. By signing this Agreement, the undersigned Client agrees that he/she/I/they have read, understand, and agree to all the terms and conditions on all pages of this Agreement, and limitations and exclusions, and agree to pay the fees shown according to the terms of this contact.

CLIENT agrees to personally attend the inspection and to pay all listed below fees before or during the time of the inspection.

Accurate Inspections, Inc.’s fee for the home inspection is: $ xxx plus $ xxx for the placement and retrieval of one canister by a NJ licensed radon measurement technician that will be analyzed by a NJ Certified Measurement Business.

Payment methods include personal check, cash, or Zelle. If paying by Zelle please add [email protected] as a Zelle contact and send $ 1.00 as a “test” transaction the day before the inspection.
Credit card payments have a $20 convenience fee and void all coupons.

Michael Del Greco – N.J. Home Inspector License: GI0121
COMPANY: Accurate Inspections, Inc Phone: (973) 812-5100

In order to avoid incurring delays and additional fees please be sure you, sale-related real estate agents, the owner, and all occupants all agree and understand: 1.) All the utilities (electric, water, and gas) must be operational upon our arrival at the home in order to allow the inspection to be completed as scheduled. 2.) The inspector will NOT turn on any: utilities, valves, circuit breakers, disconnect switches or light pilots or plug in anything that is not plugged in all under any circumstances. 3.) All areas of the home including crawl spaces must be readily accessible upon our arrival at the home.

After viewing our agreement please SCROLL ALL THE WAY DOWN TO THE BOTTOM, to type in your initials – then to use your mouse, stylus, or trackpad to sign. If you do not get an email confirmation indicating our agreement has been signed within a half-hour please call us at 973-812-5100 (8 am to 8 pm) so we can assist you.

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Crystal Garcia
Michael was thorough and professional and identified several major issues that were not at all... evident to my untrained eye. His inspection was the impetus I needed to check on the discrepancies he noted, the most major of which were unpermitted changes to the floor plan structure resulting in instability of roofing structure. Ended up not going through with purchase, and while before I was very happy my offer was accepted, I am now ecstatic that I am not stuck with what would have been a nightmare !Will seek help again for the next house I offer on as I continue my search, and would unquestionably recommend Accurate Inspections to other prospective homebuyers. Cannot understate how valuable it was .read more
We had a great experience with Accurate Inspections. Michael was very thorough. He took his time... going through all areas of the home and explaining different issues or concerns he saw. Would highly recommend.Cannot recommend enough. Very prompt to address any issues.read more
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Michael is very prompt, knowledgeable and thorough. He takes the time to walk you through issues... that may not be up to code, why and how to improve. He encourages questions during and after the inspection.read more
Joe Silva
Mike is well organized, methodical, and very thorough. He also took his time to explain his... concerns and what should be done to correct the situation. Very satisfied with the inspection, the report, and all of the follow-up resources and information he provided.read more
Christopher Shalhoub
These guys are great. First off, they always answer their phone. Mike was not only on time to the... inspection, he was early. We never felt rushed during the inspection. He not only pointed out concerns but took the time to explain them all. Highly recommended, do not waste time looking anywhere else. Going with these guys is a no-brainer. Highly recommended.read more
Magdita Vz
Michael is very knowledgeable and took his time to go through the house and to check everything.
Mary Jo Martino
Michael of Accurate Inspections did a home inspection for me which was extremely thorough and he... explained everything along the way.Afterward, I was given a binder filled with information and what needed to be repaired.He and his staff were professional, attentive and helpful.I would not hesitate to recommend him to my mother and other family members, as well as, to my friends.He did a stellar job for me.read more
Patrick Swift
Michael and his team were communicative, prompt, friendly, thorough and easy to work with. Michael... provided us with incredibly informative assessments during the inspection process and made it easy to understand. As someone who is naive to the intricacies of craftsmanship, Michael’s deep expertise, knowledge, and professionalism provided me with what I needed to be informed and have peace of mind throughout the process. Don’t think, just hire Michael.read more
Pilar Shilad
Michael exceeded our expectations. He was on time, thorough, responsive and took his time exploring... the entire property inside and out. He has excellent contacts that he helps to provide if additional inspections are requested and he coordinates for them all to arrive on the inspection day. This was one of the easiest processes to an already stressful situation of potentially buying a home. Pat at his office is also wonderful to communicate with. Highly recommend.read more
rashaun abdul karim
I left feeling as though I had the right inspector for the job. I am combing my way through the... paperwork. I definitely appreciate the adviceread more
Nika Postnikov
Michael is passionate about informing his clients. He is extremely knowledgeable and thorough, and... is able to communicate it in a straightforward manner.read more
Pete Z
Yes, Michael is worth every penny.I've now used Accurate Inspections and Mike for the third time,... and he continues to impress with his exceptional thoroughness, patience, and educational approach. Mike’s meticulous attention to detail is unparalleled, ensuring no stone is left unturned during the inspection process. His ability to explain complex issues simply makes the entire experience incredibly enlightening and comforting. Highly recommend for anyone who values thorough, informative, and professional inspection services.read more
Ryan Hinton
Mike was exceptional throughout the inspection process and readily available afterwards to help... interpret the report findings. I would highly recommend Mike and will only use him as an inspector for any future home purchases.read more
Hannah Phillips
Great Inspector - Took the time to explain everything that was inside and outside the my condo that... would come up. Definitely worth the money.read more
Pushkar Thapa
Recently I hired accurate inspection to inspect the home that I planned to purchase. Michael was... the inspector and very professional. He was extremely patient, knowledgeable and thorough.read more
Stanley Mikuta
Michael was very detailed in his inspection, showing us all of the little things we surely would... have missed on our own. He conducted a thorough review of the house and made sure to test every system available. He put our safety and our needs at top priority.read more
Marlene Den Bleyker
Right now the buyers market is tumultuous and you feel pressure to just get a house. Not every home... owner is honest about problems with the house. Don't make a large investment without knowing what you are walking into. Protect your investment and don't waive the home inspection. I am glad that I did not.My husband and I have been under contract with two houses and if it wasn't for Michael at Accurate Inspections we would have been hit with some major repair bills on both houses. He found extreme structural issues that we would never have noticed. He saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars.Before we even went into the house, Michael sent a neighborhood report with insight into possible hazards. He arrived early and started the process right away.My husband spent 3 hours with him at each house and he performed a thorough investigation, pointing out defects and positives about the house. He left us with a binder outlining the inspection and follows up with a report you can use to report any issues to your attorney.I have used other inspectors in the past, who basically walked you through the house, but Michael provides a more substantial picture into the home you are buying. I highly recommend Accurate Inspections.read more
Andre Solomon
Mike was very professional and explained everything as he went along. Even followed up after he... sent his report to make sure I didn't have additional questions.read more
Sarah C
I am very pleased with my inspection, this company is very detailed and easy to communicate with.... If you are new to this process they send informative emails with details on what to expect and walk you through each step.Michael was very informative and did a very thorough inspection for me. I was able to follow up with questions and he left no stone unturned. I would recommend him to anyone.read more
Amanda Curcio
Mike provided a very detailed inspection. This was the second home that he inspected for us. His... findings saved us from making a costly purchase on the first home. Our second inspection with him, which is our current home, was thorough and helpful with us getting credit for our purchase. After our inspection he was extremely helpful with any other questions that we had and was quick to call us back. We valued everything that he has done and will use him for any future purchases that we make!read more
Chris Behrens
Michael is extremely knowledgeable and thorough. Highly recommended!!
Regina Kim
Michael was VERY thorough, very helpful and went out of his way to make sure things we understood... what was wrong with the house and answer any questions we had. I think the only thing I would say about any room for improvement would be the way that the report is completed, I think it's a lot of information, and the way it is organized makes it a little more difficult to understand the most important things from the lesser important. Overall would highly recommend, very experienced, and is very knowledgable.read more
Joel Nunez
Alexander Nikodem
Jieun and I wanted to express our gratitude for the inspection you completed for us. It is not an... exaggeration to say that you saved us. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We will 100% recommend your company to all our friends. Thank you again.read more
Janet Woudenberg
I've rented my home for 21 years and assumed I knew everything about this house. Now I'm buying... it. I'm so happy I hired Michael to do the inspection. He not only showed me the issues he found, but explained what the issue was, why it is an issue and what I could do about it. He taught me so much about the house. I'd never buy a house until I had Michael inspect it first.read more
Sandeep Kumar
I would highly recommend Michael , he is a very thorough professional who will explain step by step... and take at most caution about the entire home inspection process. we are happy that we engaged with Michael for our home inpsection.read more
Deckard Montesanto
I'm so glad that I went with Accurate Inspections! Not only was Michael incredibly thorough and... helpful on the day of the inspection, but he was always available to answer any questions I had in the following weeks as well. I was stressed going into this process, but Michael made everything so simple and easy to handle. Definitely using Accurate Inspections again for my next home purchase!read more
Option Belfort
Michael is the best in the business, well worth the money. Will save you thousands of dollars by... having him come out.Very informative and full of knowledge.read more
James Redding
Mike is extremely knowledgeable and helpful with not only providing critical information to help... you make an informed decision by providing useful insight on the issues identified. Many of the findings I would not have known to look for.read more
Shefali Patel
Very knowledgeable, explained everything while performing inspection which is so important for... first time home buyers! Highly recommend, Michael does not miss a thing!read more
Paul G.
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Justin Storie
Accurate Inspections was recommended to me by a good friend and exceeded expectations. The whole... staff was an absolute pleasure to work with. They made the home-buying and inspection process so much easier for us. Michael was a true professional and gave a thorough, accurate inspection. Due to his findings we decided not to go forward with the purchase of the house but could not be happier, as he walked us through various major safety issues the sellers failed to disclose. His professionalism, quick response time, and attention to detail helped save us from a huge financial burden. When we decide to re-enter the market, I will be sure to go with Accurate Inspections Inc. again. I could not recommend them more.read more
janessa daniels
Michael came out (on a holiday!) to inspect the condo my husband and I are hoping to buy. He was... incredibly knowledgeable and courteous, always prompting to make sure we understood what he was looking at and why and whether or not we had questions about the process. He was extremely thorough in all that he did, and we feel confident moving forward with the purchase based on his inspection. Would definitely recommend to others.read more
Nikolai Bohorquez
Knowledgeable and informative. Michael have a very thorough inspection and I learned a lot as a... homeowner! Also, he brought a sense of humor with him, which I enjoyed.read more
wendy heller
Mike with Accurate Inspections was incredibly thorough and knowledgeable. As a buyer I felt... completely informed of issues I never would have considered. He should be any home buyers top choice on a very critical step in the home purchasing process.read more
Hassan Gebril
Best Inspector in NJ. He created the best report which helped me a lot to negotiate my deal . He is... very trustworthy so I would recommend him all day long. It’s definitely worth it to hire him.read more
Exceptionally thorough and detailed explanations and inspection.
Kamesh Devarakonda
I was impressed with the office staff and the inspector, Michael.The front desk staff was very... friendly and helpful. They answered all of my questions promptly and in a clear and concise manner. They also made sure to schedule my inspection at a time that was convenient for me.Michael was a very thorough and knowledgeable inspector. He took the time to explain everything he found, both good and bad. He also made recommendations for repairs and maintenance. I felt very confident in his knowledge and expertise.read more
Jamie Sawicki
The home buying process can be daunting but hiring Mike for our inspection was the best decision we... could’ve made. He was extremely thorough, knowledgeable, and clearly explained his findings to us. We are comfortable now going into our new home following Mike’s inspection. We will definitely use him in the future and refer him to others. Worth every penny for the amount of time Mike spends and the peace of mind you will leave with.read more
Partha Panwala
I cannot recommend Michael highly enough.Michael doesn't care about playing nice with realtors;... he cares about YOU and making you aware of all the issues with your potential property purchase. "Detail-oriented" is an understatement: Michael inspects and tests every inch of the property and takes his time explaining what is wrong, why it is wrong, and what it should be.Michael inspected a condo unit for me. He took the time to inspect all the electrical outlets, the heat pump and condenser units, the electrical panel (took off the cover), the kitchen appliances, the attic, the roof, and much more. We spent 1.5 hours inspecting a 3br condo, and I had paper copies of Michael's hand-written notes in-hand at the end of the inspection. I had a detailed, typed report emailed to me that evening.If you need a no-nonsense, detail-oriented inspector, Michael is your guy!read more
Ramazan Uzulmez
I am very happy to work with Michael from Accurate Inspections for several reasons.1-He came to... inspection on time.2-He explained everything to me during the inspection.3-He didn't talk with anybody on the phone or answer his phone during my home inspection. He spent all his time for my home inspection not for another person.4-He was respectful and had lots of patience with me. He explained what is wrong or what should be done to fix the problems till I complately understand the problems and the solutions.5-He sent the report at the same day of inspection.6-Few days later, he called me and asked me again If I have any questions or clarification with the Inspection report. I was impressed with his service.I believe, he is one of the best and I highly recommend Michael for your home inspection.read more
Fireworks509 True
I was lucky to pick Michael's business out of all others online. Michael is very thorough, detail... oriented and taking his time inspecting the property. When you just see the professional for first 2 minutes and you know right away he is very experienced in his field. The presence of a seller's agent through out the process did not intimidate him. I could feel I was in good hands and he is my advocate and on my side.Michael followed up with me personally after the day of inspection for any questions that I had and explained the major points to me.If you are not an expert in the field, trust me, all this staff related to houses will be a foreign language and in the process of purchasing you already have so much headache dealing with the loan, contracts and keeping up with searching the market for other properties. When it all has a due date, it is so much helpful when the inspector not just giving you his report and disappears, but is able to explain major things to you in English language and even follow up after, when you will guaranteed to have more questions, unless the house you are buying is brand new..Do not pick the inspector your agent recommends you, pick Michael, you will be happy with the results and you will have peace.read more
Abel Van riper
I can’t say enough about how happy I am with using Accurate Inspections.from my initial call to the... conclusion,i received nothing but the utmost professional treatment and respect.When Mike arrived,on time,he treated me with respect and explained everything he was doing and the reason why.I would highly recommend Accurate for any one buying a house and can’t imagine getting better results any where else.read more
Akshatha Mohan
I had the pleasure of working with Michael as my inspection officer, and I must say, it was a truly... enlightening experience. From the moment he stepped into the home, Michael made it a point to involve me in the inspection process. His expertise and willingness to explain every detail ensured that I not only felt included but also learned a great deal about the inner workings of the property. Michael's patience and thoroughness were commendable, and his friendly demeanor made the entire process enjoyable. I am grateful for his professionalism and the knowledge I gained through his guidance. Thank you, Michael, for an exceptional inspection experience!read more
Chris Zarate
Michael Del Greco from Accurate Inspections was very thorough in his all areas of my new home... inspection.He took the time with each area of the home to explain and make sure I understood each issue and positive point by sight and touch.I was provided a binder highlighting all areas of my inspection and in addition a typed report which is easy to read and understand.The above information allowed me to understand the process going forward and to make appropriate decisions without question.I highly recommend Michael if you need a honest, educated, professional to evaluate one of your biggest purchases in your lifetime.read more
A. Balois
I had used Accurate Inspection company before and chose this company again because I find Michael... very thorough in what he’s doing. Always punctual on the day on inspection and very professional in dealing with customer in many ways. I won’t hesitate referring this company to anyone.read more
Chris K
Michael from Accurate inspections was out standing, great in explaining the issues, willing to help... and was so good even my child was willing to interact with Michael during the review.Review of the home that was being inspected was on point with the issue of the home.Michael really kept his word, his only concern was us the buyer and making sure the home was reviewed and issues was explained to protect us the buyers family.Michael explained all issues to expect to his best ability, and recommend additional inspections to confirm his findings and cost to repair before buying the home.I would also say the buyer should be happy as he did not point out none-(safety, environmental and hazard ) and he only pointed out the real issues that needed to be addressed by the law so the home can be closed on and we the buy could move in safely and live in the home.Thank you Michael and Accurate inspections for your outstanding work and being concerned with us the buyer and pointing out the real key issues and advising the truth that other issue may come up over time but that's the norm of owning a house.Please note: if you are a new buyer or seller, you can trust Michael and accurate inspection team to do it right and be honest with the findings even if its not in your favor. They will really point out the truth about the home that a buyer or a seller should know about their home they are either selling or buying.read more
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