Who Gets To Pick The Inspector

An open letter to our future clients,

Most of us like to think that everyone associated with a real transaction wants the home buyers treated fairly, however, I am finding that not to be the case. When I inspect a home I put my self in your shoes. As a home buyer I’d wish to avoid being stuck with expensive repairs I did not know about after closing. I think most of my clients feel the same way.

My research tells me clients pick me because it is to their advantage (as home buyers) to obtain the most thorough home inspection, so they can avoid paying for problems and repairs after they buy the home.

I have spent 25 years learning all I can learn about homes, home systems, and what my clients expect to learn from me when I inspect a home for them.

Your real estate purchase contract gives YOU the sole and exclusive right to hire a licensed home inspector of YOUR choosing, others can NOT modify the contract without your consent. One may wish to question the motives of those attempting to influence YOUR choice of home inspector.

Michael Del Greco, as President of Accurate Inspections, Inc.
Certified Master Inspector
InterNACHI Member 09091610
FAA Remote Pilot Certificate 3950081
New Jersey Home Inspector License Number GI0121
American Society of Home Inspectors Member 102273

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