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Who Gets To Pick The Home Inspector (it should be you) Why You Should Pick Me

Who Gets To Pick The Inspector?

Introduction :

“Your home inspection will be performed with the same degree of thoroughness, integrity, attention to detail, and care as if I were buying the home for myself. My candid inspection will educate you (my client) about the true condition of the home. I’m on your team not the sales team.” Michael Del Greco, Certified Master Inspector Instructor

If you are looking for an honest, unbiased, comprehensive home inspection from an experienced home inspector who tells it like it is in a detailed report, I am your guy.

Inspection Approach

  • When I see a problem that is unsafe, hazardous, or expensive to cure I’ll describe the problem using clear language.
  • I’ll call your attention to major problems and answer as many questions as you have.
  • When I inspect your home, I put myself in your shoes. As a home buyer, I’d wish to avoid being stuck with expensive repairs that were minimized during my home inspection.
  • I’ll give you the facts, in a comprehensive and straightforward manner, without minimizing them. I do not use industry jargon.
  • I tell it like it is in a very easy-to-understand way.

Why Choose This Inspector

Smart home buyers pick me after realizing it is to their advantage to obtain the most thorough home inspector they can find. Often, they do so to avoid paying for problems and repairs after they buy the home.

I have spent over 29 years learning all I can about homes so I can better explain them to my clients in a frank and unbiased manner.

Your Right to Choose an Inspector

Most of us like to think that everyone associated with the purchase of YOUR home wants YOU to be treated fairly; unfortunately, I find that not to be the case.

Your real estate purchase contract should give YOU the sole and exclusive right to hire a licensed home inspector of YOUR choosing – if your contract does not you may wish to wonder why and whose interest is being served (hint – not yours)

No one can restrict your right to choose your home inspector without your consent


Certified Master Inspector Instructor, New Jersey Home Inspector # GI121 (2003 first year licensing was offered to present), FAA Certified (Drone) Remote Pilot Certificate # 3950081 (2016 to present), Credentialed Wood Destroying Insect Inspector (2001 to present), Radon Measurement Technician # MET10521 (1993 to present), American Society of Home Inspectors ACI #102273 (1996 to present), Independent Home Inspectors of North America (2002 to present), InterNACHI Member # 09091610. Department of Housing and Urban Development Plan Reviewer/Consultant (inactive), Commercial Pesticide Applicator # 27091A (inactive), New York Home Inspector # 16000011881 (inactive).

Please print this page out and bring it with you to your home inspection. It will entitle you to an additional $20 discount in addition to any other coupon you may have (even if the other coupon says not to be combined with other coupons).