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Why Choose Accurate Inspections?

Michael is a Home Inspector who taught other Home Inspectors.

During my time as an instructor at Morris County School of Technology, as a field training mentor for student home inspectors and even as an instructor for New Jersey Home Inspector Continuing Education Classes I taught other home inspectors and prospective home inspectors how to inspect a home.

As your home inspector, I will teach you about your new home. I will have you looking at homes differently, touching and seeing defects firsthand so you will learn what is right, what is wrong and more importantly why it is wrong. I already know about homes; therefore, I make it my job to teach you about your prospective new home.

We prioritize you. Not your Real Estate Agent.

WE ARE ONE OF THE FEW HOME INSPECTION COMPANIES IN THE STATE WHO HAVE PLEDGED NOT TO: Allow real estate agents to influence how inspection findings are conveyed to clients. reward or compensate anyone for referring clients. Produce any marketing material designed for or aimed at agents. Solicit real estate agents with the intent of obtaining inspection referrals.

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Our inspections are more thorough, informative and backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Our very thorough, detailed, informative, helpful and knowledgeable inspector will take the time to answer all your questions and to explain everything to you until you understand it. Our inspection cost may be a little higher but the added value and peace of mind you obtain is well worth it.

OUR 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Our goal is not only 100% client satisfaction but for 100% of our home inspection clients to refer us to additional clients and real estate attorneys. I am confident that my home inspections represent the best value to you, our client. If at the end of your home inspection you feel we did not meet our goal, PLEASE tell the inspector! You will not be charged for the inspection.


Simply the best at what he does. Mike searches every nook and cranny of the home. He finds what others don’t. I took a leap of faith by using him knowing I would get the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Sometimes we don’t want to hear the truth because we “love” a certain home and we don’t want to continue the tedious process of buying a home.

Mike saved me thousands of dollars on repairs I know other inspectors weren’t going to find. The home owner knew there things that need correcting and finally conceded on a huge credit. Mike is money well spent. I would recommend him to any person who is buying a house. You do not want to buy someone else headache by being cheap on your home inspector. His report is thorough and concise and arrives within hours after your inspection allowing the necessary time to schedule follow up inspections in certain areas that he may recommend. Trust me by using mike he will save you money in the long run. This is a fact. Mike I can’t thank you enough.

Verified Google Review by Louise C.


I recently had a home inspected by Mike. Scheduling and talking with the people on the phone was seamless. Mike was well prepared for the inspection, he brought his own ladder, gadgets and tools.

From the beginning, he let me know that he is working for me. He told what was wrong, why its wrong, how I can make the wrong right, and tell if I'm lazy and I don't do anything about it, what will happen. I really appreciated that, since I am dropping my life and saving on a home and always lazy. Even though many of the items he pointed out are working, it was still good to know that once I become the owner what I will need to lose sleep over. It was a very hot summer day during the inspection and he took his time and checked every area for us. He was on the roof, up in the attic, lifted ceiling tiles, and in crawl spaces. He didn't do it with a smile but he did and explained to me and wife all the deets.

Verified Yelp Review by Chris L.

Keys In Door

Michael Works for You.
Not your Real Estate Agent.

The reality is, most home inspectors get their business by being referred by real estate agents. Most real estate agents choose the home inspector who is going to be more favorable towards making sure the house gets sold.

Accurate Inspections does things differently. We are one of the select few home inspection companies in the state who have taken a pledge not to accept compensation, referrals or produce marketing materials designed or aimed for real estate agents.

What that means for you is: We're on Your Team. We have your best interests in mind. Not Real Estate Agents.


I recently had a home inspection performed by Michael and couldn't be more grateful for his thorough inspection and his tremendous knowledge and experience! Michael performed the inspection as if he was the home buyer and took the time to point out all of his findings and answer all questions we had (including how different systems in the home operate). I would highly recommend Michael and will be sure to use him for any future inspections!

Verified Google Review by Scott K.

Michael Taught Other Home Inspectors.
He'll teach you what to look for with pinpoint accuracy.

Home inspectors have to learn their trade somewhere, and when a home inspector has taught other home inspectors, you know they are highly skilled at doing their job. Those are the kinds of inspectors you want to hire, because they have higher levels of knowledge and can give you plenty of information. You also know they’re going to do the job right, so you’ll have a good inspection report you can use to negotiate with the seller about a price reduction or any needed repairs. The inspector you choose can be critical in discovering any problems with the home and giving you the information, you need to work with the seller if there are issues found.

The more information you have about your home, the better off you’ll be during negotiations. Once the home has closed and belongs to you, you’ll also have plenty of knowledge regarding what you might need to fix soon and what can wait. Take the home inspection opportunity to ask all your questions, and to pay close attention to the information the home inspector gives you. Learning about the home you’re about to buy can be enjoyable in ways that go well beyond the inspection, and if the home inspector knows a lot about the area or the neighborhood you can gain quite a bit of knowledge just from your conversation.

Yelp 5 Stars

Michael Del Greco is without a doubt the best home inspector in NJ. Thanks to him I was able to walk away from a house that look beautiful on the outside but was falling apart in the inside.

Michael educated me and showed all that was wrong in the house. Michael walked us through the entire process explaining every single item and asking us questions. The inspection report was completed and delivered the same day!!! Our money was well spent in this service I highly recommend Michael ans Accurate Inspections!

Verified Yelp Review by Dante R.

Home Inspector Michael Del Greco In Crawl Space
Home Inspector Michael Del Greco in crawl space

Our inspections are more thorough, informative and backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Our detailed and thorough reports are prepared specifically for your property. Your incredibly detailed inspection report will include pertinent photographs of the property along with information to help you negotiate a better home price or to assist you in getting needed repairs completed by sellers prior to closing. Our reports help you to find the truth out about the condition of your potential purchase.

Our home inspection reports are NOT generated by a simple and easy to use system (easy for the inspector) that produces useless generic reports. Each and every one of our reports is prepared for each individual property by Michael. Our home inspection reports tell you what is wrong, why it is wrong, what to do about it and what can happen if corrective actions are not taken.

Yelp 5 Stars

As a young female first time home buyer, I took selecting a home inspector very seriously. I wanted to find someone who was trustworthy, didn't fluff and was willing to educate me. I spoke with over 15 North Jersey inspectors, before finally deciding on Mike. Don't be put off by his price (print the $100 Radon coupon!) he is worth every single penny. Mike arrived twenty minutes early to the scheduled inspection. I explained to him that I wanted to be very involved in the process, he was 100% on board. For example: mike would have me get on my hands and knees pointing a flashlight at a certain angle under the porch, he would then proceed to go above and jump & down so I could see the lack of support in the beams. Great experience!

Verified Yelp Review by Brenna V.

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