Questions to ask your home inspector

Questions To Ask Your Home Inspector

I expect my clients to ask questions during their home inspection when I am their home inspector because it allows me to determine if they truly understand the problems I am pointing out. I know all I will know when I pull up to the home. My goal is for my clients to learn about the home I am inspecting and about homes, in general, to allow them to be better-informed homeowners.

There are a lot of questions you may want to ask your home inspector, write them down and bring them to the inspection!

The more you know about the person inspecting your house, the better determination you can make as to whether they are the right inspector for you. How long they have been working in the home inspection field and what kind of education and training they have are important questions. You may also want to know if they have a specialty of any kind, so you can get an inspector with experience in the type of property you’re buying. That’s not as much of a concern when purchasing a standard house, but it’s a good idea for things like multi-family dwellings, farms, or anything else unusual.

Other questions to ask your home inspector are generally about the house itself, as well as how long the inspection will take and what time you should be there to make sure you don’t miss anything. You want to be present for the entire inspection, if possible, so you can ask questions about anything the inspector finds to be wrong. Even if there aren’t problems with the house, there may be some potential future concerns or some changes that have been made in the past that you’re unsure about. With a good home inspector on your side, you can get all your questions answered so you can feel confident about the purchase of your house.

It can really help to make a list of questions to ask your home inspector before the inspection day arrives. You may forget to ask something otherwise, and having a list can make things much easier. Spending some time thinking about the house and what you really want to know about it can help you create a good list of questions, so there won’t be anything overlooked when you and your inspector work your way through the house on the day of the scheduled inspection.

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Questions to ask your home inspector
Questions to ask your home inspector
Questions to ask your home inspector

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