What to ask your home inspector about home maintenance

What to ask your home inspector about home maintenance

Keeping a house in good shape is highly important. A house that is well maintained is one that is likely to sell faster and cost less in the long run as minor repairs are immediately addressed before they become larger problems. One of the best ways to make sure that any house stays in good shape is with help from a home inspector. An effective home inspector can provide the home buyer with a road map that will allow them identify potential problems before they buy the property.

Basic Home Maintenance Questions

An inspector will provide their clients with a detailed report that includes all areas of the house including spaces that may be otherwise hard to get to such a crawl space. This can help locate potential problems that might otherwise have gone unseen. A buyer should tag along during the inspection and ask questions. This allows them to have a complete view of the house before they buy it. The buyer can then ask the home inspector what needs to be done to fix minor problems they see.

Important Questions

Questions will typically include subjects such as how best to fix a water leak, what to do with any cracks that appear in the foundation of the house and how to work with a roof that appears to be in less than ideal shape. The buyer has the chance to begin living in the house and know exactly what they need to do each year to keep it in good shape. The home owner should also ask the inspector about subjects such as what to do to avoid water in the basement and how best to care for the home’s wood flooring. A homeowner may want to ask the home inspector about repairs that can be made by a skilled armature and repairs that may require more advanced help from a professional. The buyer may also ask the home inspector what should home maintenance chores are best done during the summer and what is better done during the fall.

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