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What to ask your home inspector about the home

What To Ask Your Home Inspector About The Home

A home inspection is a vital part of the buying and selling process. Qualified home inspectors examine a home very carefully. The home inspector will look closely at every single part of the house including the foundation and the attic. If a home inspection has not been done in the last few years, many homeowners and buyers will be surprised about what has changed. While the home inspection is taking place, it is a good idea to accompany the home inspector and ask him or her questions about the property. Doing so is an ideal way for the buyer to get important questions answered and help them make an informed decision.

Walking With the Inspector

The home inspector will typically take something like two hours. During this time the buyer should be prepared to walk with them. Anything that is obviously amiss such as a broken step or visible cracks in the foundation should be the subject of questions. Potential buyers may also want to ask questions about both the interior and exterior of the house. Interior questions should include questions about all problems that are visible to the naked eye such as minor floor cracks. Questions about the exterior of the home should address concerns such as evidence of any water pooling anywhere.

Follow Up Questions

After the home inspection is finished, the buyer should expect to receive a detailed report about the house. A home inspector will happily take questions that the person may have about the property. Many buyers will want to know how best to fix any problems seen during the home inspection. They will also want to know what it may cost to get such problems fixed. A home inspector can provide detailed answers to such questions. They can also answer any questions the home owner or buyer may have about the details in the report such as the need to add a railing or install other safety upgrades.

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