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Thirty + Years of Objective Home Inspection Experience

Thirty + Years of Objective Home Inspection Experience

Thirty years plus of objective home inspection experience is what you get when you hire Michael Del Greco and Accurate Inspections, Inc. to perform your home inspection.

Buying a new home is a time of excitement and a new beginning. What most prospective buyers do not always realize is that one of the most important steps in the process of home buying is obtaining a professional home inspection by a skilled home inspector.

The home inspection should be done by a Home Inspector with a proven record of accomplishment of decades of experience.

The inspector should not have any loyalty to any third party such as real estate agents.

Finally, they must know not only what to look for but if a problem is found understands the possible root case not just a superficial cause of the problem.

The buyer wants an inspector that has signed a No Conflict of Interest like Michael has to ensure your best interests are the only ones taken into consideration.

An essential occupational background the inspector should have is in the area of construction. You may ask why well it comes down to the fact that someone with a general contractor background cannot only find any hidden problems in your future home but as a general contractor, they will have the experience to be able to find the root cause of of the problem. Please call us at: (973) 812-5100

The importance to the buyer comes down to money. After closing on a home the buyer has accepted the house as is at that time. There is no recourse for the buyer to go back and have the seller fix the underlying problem. For instance, many times people believe they have fixed a leak or do not fix the leak and paint over the water stain.

If your home inspector does not find the problem and show you why you should investigate thoroughly PRIOR to the expiration of your home inspection contingency then you as the buyer can expect to pay to fix the problem.

Another example would be electrical issues, especially with older homes. Testing of electric receptacles each outlet and a thorough inspection of the electrical system is vital.

If your potential new home has electrical problems, the root cause of the problem must be found and corrected in order to avoid a house fire or electric shock hazard. Sometimes it may be a simple fix of wiring to an outlet or it may entail a more complex rewiring of the electrical system in the home that can be costly. Often home buyers will require the seller to fix these defects.

These are just two areas of an inspection that a knowledgeable, thorough home inspector checks. Many aspects of a home inspection need to be performed so the buyer is not left with large bills after closing.

As the buyer, you need to ensure you have all the possible facts necessary to make a knowledgeable decision. Your real estate agent can many times negotiate the cost and have any problems fixed properly prior to closing on the home.

Accurate Inspections, Inc. is a company whose owner with over twenty years of experience in home inspection is also a general contractor. He finds the root causes of problems, not just superficial problems. Michael Del Greco, owner of Accurate Inspections, Inc. not only has a reputation for honesty and integrity but also taught students how to perform home inspections at Morris County School of Technology.

Objective Home Inspection Experience
Objective Home Inspection Experience
Objective Home Inspection Experience