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Real Estate Agent Approved Home Inspectors

Would You Buy a Used Car Without Knowing About It?

Would You Buy a Second-Hand Car without any Mechanical Knowledge? It’s a generally acknowledged fact that a car should never be purchased without a once over from a trusted mechanic.

Real Estate Agent Approved Home Inspectors (I am NOT on their list!)

So why shouldn’t the same go for property purchases?

Whether you’re investing in a compact apartment or a sprawling suburban home, a professional home inspection is an absolute must.

Why? Read on for the top four reasons why you should always enlist the help of home inspection experts before taking the plunge.

Eliminate the risk of voiding insurance policies

All too often homeowners find themselves unable to claim insurance due to the fact that their properties failed to meet coverage requirements. An official inspection may help reduce the risk of unwanted surprises when it comes to insurance claims. Instead, you’ll be able to offer your provider a full overview of the current state of the home, including any identified flaws that could impact coverage eligibility or additional costs.

Financial peace of mind

When you order a professional home inspection you enjoy the total peace of mind that you’re investing in a home that will hold its value. For example, if the home’s foundation walls are crumbling which could lead to the home becoming worthless in the future, you’re going to want to know about it.

Avoid costly fixes

Unfortunately, even the smallest of problems can require big bucks when it comes to repairs. By ordering a home inspection before buying you can put together an accurate estimate of exactly how much your property is going to cost. This means no nasty surprises later down the line.

Resident health

While homes may look perfect from the outside, they can often be ridden with asbestos, radon, termites and other hazards. All of these categorically jeopardize the safety of residents. A property inspection will track down any health-related issues and ensure you have the opportunity to address them before you go through with the purchase.

Save cash

If any issues are identified during the inspection process you can use them as ammunition to secure a better price. For example, a broken boiler or roof in need of repair could shave thousands of the final asking price.

At the end of the day, you should never sign on the dotted line without an in-depth understanding of the property’s history and current state. Accurate Inspections Inc. exists to arm home buyers with all the information they need to make informed decisions regarding property purchases.

BReal Estate Agent Approved Home Inspectors, I am not on that list…….

Buy A Second Hand Car
Buy A Second Hand Car
Buy A Second Hand Car