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Top Home Inspection Horrors

Top Home Inspection Horrors

Top Home Horrors

Signing on the dotted line of a property deeds document is an undeniably exciting moment. However, all too often, homebuyers find themselves in the midst of a property nightmare. From pests to poor drainage, even the most attractive home can be ridden with a plethora of problems. Here are a few of the absolute worst scenarios that no new home buyer ever wants to encounter!

Toxic elements

Once US homebuyer was recently forced to put his new family home back on the market after local health authorities labeled the property as “unfit for human habitation.” Why? It turned out that the house was a former methamphetamine lab that was riddled with toxic fumes left over from the cooking process. Breaking Bad anyone?


From termites to cockroaches, homes that are ridden with pests can cause huge headaches for new owners. Calling in extermination professionals can be hugely expensive for starters. Plus, when it comes to structural damage the situation can be too serious to salvage.

Poor drainage

Ineffective drainage systems can spell disaster for new homeowners. Come winter rains properties can be seriously damaged by floods. Fixing the problem is always an expensive venture.


Moving into a house that’s seen a bloodcurdling murder or horrific accident is every buyer’s worst nightmare. In fact, it’s the stuff that Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters are made of. Don’t even get us started on hauntings! Unfortunately, sellers often actively hide violent histories which means it’s up to sellers to dig up the dirt. (sorry home inspectors do not perform any of these inspections.)


Not only do mold-ridden houses smell awful, they are also a serious health risk. Walls, basements and attics are all key culprits, so be sure to give these areas a thorough once-over before committing to the sale. As well as getting rid of existing mold you’ll also need to waterproof areas which can be costly.

Structural Damage

Despite best appearances, even the dreamiest of homes can be burdened with serious structural issues. Foundations can render a property worthless, while the cost of repairing roofs can be expensive.

If you want to avoid falling victim to these sorts of home horrors, a home y inspection is essential. While it does require an initial investment of time and money, the payoff of knowing the history and current state of a property is well worth your while. Accurate Inspections Inc. can help you purchase with complete confidence, with in-depth inspections that are 100% independent.
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Top Home Inspection Horrors
Top Home Inspection Horrors
Top Home Inspection Horrors