How a Home Inspection Provides Value to a Home Buyer

How a Home Inspection Provides Value to a Home Buyer

When a New Jersey home buyer decides to hire a home inspector such as Accurate Inspections, Inc., to inspect the home being purchased, that inspector is not affiliated with any entity but instead only owes a duty to the buyer. The buyer may make the purchase confident that he has had a successful inspection by an inspector who has no allegiance to anyone but that buyer and his interests. The inspector owes no obligations to anyone else involved with the sale including real estate agents, lenders, or other affiliates to the real estate industry.

Hiring an independent inspection company to inspect a home before closing may be one of the best decisions that a home buyer makes when buying the house. The inspector can evaluate the structure being purchased and to vouch for its soundness and safety. Arranging for a thorough inspection provides a way for the buyer, through a trained, independent expert, to learn about the house and its construction prior to the buyer taking final possession of the house.

Evaluating major systems in the house being purchased should be a priority for the inspector. These major systems should include at a minimum the electrical wiring, plumbing HVAC, any natural gas connections and service, and any additional utility services.

The condition of appliances and other service items and fixtures remaining with the home should additionally be specified and included in the terms of the inspection.

Handling issues discovered by a thorough property inspection by a qualified inspector is critical to protecting the rights of both the buyer and seller of a home. The inspector working for Accurate Inspections, Inc. will make sure that the buyer will have the assurance of knowing the condition of what he is buying with the knowledge that the inspector only owes a duty to him when he provides his impartial report. The ability of the inspector to provide a knowledgeable and authoritative inspection prior to the final closing will enable the buyer to buy the house with his “eyes open,” having learned valuable facts about his new home.

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