Top 3 Reasons You Need a Home Inspector

Top 3 Reasons You Need a Home Inspector

When buying a new home there are several things to consider. Most of us are unaware of all the details or vital responsibilities that go into owning a new home. If the home is older there are more things to look for and if you are not familiar with home construction and maintenance it is vital that you find someone who is before signing on the dotted line. Having an inspector can help you improve your chances greatly that you are not purchasing a money pit.

Below are a few of the top reasons you should invest in a home inspector:
Vital Information – When viewing a home most home buyers look for things like how do the walls look, windows, and counter tops, etc.

However when you become a home owner you will soon find out who is responsible for more than that. Most home buyers lack the skills necessary to check the foundation for movement, displacement, cracks, leaks, and problems hidden in the basement.

Often home buyers don’t know how to examine things like plumbing issues, problems and hazards. That can cause serious problems later. Vital information can be detrimental to your overall view of your purchase can be provided to you by an experienced home inspector.

For instance we often hear “if I had of known about all the electrical issues I might not have decided to buy the home.” This is a major reason each person should get a home inspector before making such a major purchase.

Safety – A home inspection can save you from things like black mold, carbon monoxide, and even asbestos problems.

Illegalities – Once you purchase a home you acquire all responsibilities over that home. Meaning if there are unsafe conditions, problems or hazards you as the new homeowner than become responsible for fixing these issues. Even a few small problems can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars to correct.

So as you can see there are several things to think about when purchasing a home. Making sure that you get a home inspection by an experienced professional before buying if you wish to avoid buying your own personal money pit!

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