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Call Us (973) 812-5100 for a Home Inspection by Accurate Inspections, Inc. a top-rated New Jersey home inspection firm.

Home inspections near you. If you are buying a home in New Jersey we perform home inspections in most of New Jersey. Since 1993 I have inspected 13,000 or so homes for New Jersey home buyers.

We also perform Home Owner‘s Maintenance Inspections

Homebuyers who call (973) 812-5100 8 AM to 8 PM Business Days and 8 AM to 5 PM Other Days you will reach a real live person ready, willing and able to help them.

Those desiring a top-rated home inspector when buying a home in New Jersey are advised to call Accurate Inspections, Inc without delay.

We are located in Woodland Park, New Jersey a location right in the middle of our service area

Our office staff is fully trained to answer your questions and provide you with assistance. You will not get a distracted home inspector trying to inspect a home with one hand while holding the phone in the other hand.

Although considered old-fashioned by some we still mail out reports with all the photographs taken printed out for you in order to avoid you rushing out to buy expensive ink for your printer only to waste time waiting for 10 pages of pictures to print.

Our reports are actually prepared by the home inspector himself, not a disinterested office admin who never even saw the property. Worse yet many home inspectors have found a way to save time inputting the report during the home inspection. While it saves the home inspector time invariably during the home inspection it is likely the inspector’s opinion as to what is wrong and why it is wrong changes. That requires the home inspector to quickly (while everyone is watching) find the problem in the report, take the steps to correct what was typed in and then “hope” the report ends up being a consistent report without conflict on components. My taking notes and photographs during the inspection allow me to type a cohesive report that makes sense. Yes, it takes me something like two hours to prepare a proper report, however, once the report is typed the information in it is accurate, without conflict and easy to understand.

Call Us at (973) 812-5100 Home Inspections by Accurate Inspections, Inc.

Home Inspections By Accurate Inspections
Home Inspections By Accurate Inspections
Home Inspections By Accurate Inspections