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A Guide For Choosing The Right Home Inspector

Protecting Your Investment: A Guide For Choosing The Right Home InspectorA Guide For Choosing The Right Home Inspector

You’ve made the decision to make what may be the largest investment of your life. Your strategic and tedious shopping has led you to your must-have home, but you want to be sure it’s not a lemon. If you aren’t careful, the costs associated with home repairs can supersede the purchase price in the blink of an eye. The last thing you want is for your dream to turn into a nightmare. To prevent that unmentionable from happening, you must rely on the skills of a qualified home inspector. Which one is right for you? What specific qualities would you want in the person who will provide the information needed for you to make such a tremendous decision?



First and foremost, you want your inspector to have a lengthy history of inspecting homes with accuracy. Your inspector should have several years of experience. While we all have to begin somewhere, it may not be the best idea to have an inspector begin with your home – A.K.A. your largest investment.

Our President, Michael Del Greco has not only been in business for more than two decades, but he has taught and mentored new and even not so new home inspectors across New Jersey. His extensive background and commitment to the profession will provide you with the most complete picture of your prospective home purchase. His insight into what to expect from the homes in the area can work in your advantage during the vastly important post-inspection negotiation process. His report will stand tall with credibility and authority at the bargaining table, where other inspection reports may be a mere afterthought.

Accuracy & Reliability

It is imperative for the inspector’s report to be reliable, and above all else, accurate. As a potential homebuyer with an offer on the table, you are often given a short window to rescind the offer. Failure to abide by the tight deadline can mean forfeiture of your deposit. Therefore, you will want a timely, and of course, an accurate report. If you are in receipt of your home inspection report with only days or even hours before you are required to make the purchasing decision, you will be placed in a diminished bargaining position. In fact, you may not even be given the opportunity to return to the table to remedy some critical flaws with the property.

While working with Accurate Inspections, Inc., you will be given prompt attention and can expect to receive answers to all questions in a timely manner. Reports are typically provided the day of inspection, to allow plenty of time for you to make an informed home purchasing decision.

Accessibility & Open Communication

Accessibility and open communication should also be on the checklist of traits you will want in your home inspector. You will likely need clarity on the nature of issues presented and the costs associated with any repairs. Your Inspector will not only explain every aspect of your report, but will also be available to answer questions 7 days a week.


Objectivity is a must-have quality for any home inspector. Throughout the home buying process, you will have to interact with several real estate professionals. You may even interact with a few who have already established a relationship with one another as they may have worked on mutual projects over the years. When working with a home inspector, the appearance of an established working relationship is not always a good thing. In fact, a home inspector’s relationship with an agent can mean bad news for you down the line.

You want to work with an inspector who does not have a desire to be friendly with your realtor (to gain additional referrals) and only has a loyalty to you. Contact Us Today to work with the best home inspector for your purchase.

A Guide For Choosing The Right Home InspectorA Guide For Choosing The Right Home Inspector
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