Home Inspections 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Home Inspections 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I know of no other home inspection company or a home inspector that offers a stronger 100% Satisfaction Guarantee than ours.

Home Inspection 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: Our goal is not only 100% client satisfaction but for 100% of our home inspection clients to refer us to additional clients and real estate attorneys.

I am confident that my home inspections represent the best value to you, our client.

If at the end of your home inspection you feel we did not meet our goal PLEASE tell the inspector!

You will not be charged for the inspection.

The verbal education you obtained about the home is yours to keep with our compliments.

The standard we set for your satisfaction with your home inspection service is unreasonably high. None the less that is the standard I hold to be a non negotiable goal. If you are not happy after your inspection I am not happy.

During your home inspection I continuously ask if you have any questions. The reason I ask is so I can determine if I am providing you with the information you need to make an informed home purchasing decision.

I refuse to accept payment for services you deem substandard.


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