Water damaged paneling

Water damaged paneling

Paneling and trim of this type are very easily and very quickly damaged by even small amounts of water infiltration. Water stains like this can indicate a one time leaky water heater or can be an indication that serious problems exist behind the paneling due to mold. Latent mold behind paneling or other wall finishes is not visible during a home inspection even though it can be expensive to cure and can even be a health risk. It is necessary to further evaluate water stains like these and to take corrective actions to make sure there is no further water infiltration.

Often an expert home inspector looking around a basement will find other signs of water infiltration that can and will sometimes indicate prolonged problems with seepage that must be addressed.

Soil around the exterior perimeter of the foundation that gets wet and stays wet will lay against the foundation. When wet soil freezes it expands. When wet soil expands it puts pressure on the foundation walls sometimes to the extent the foundation walls fail. If this problem is caught early corrective actions can be taken to divert surface water away from the home before long term expensive damages occur to the masonry walls that support the home. In extreme situations rebuilding whole foundation walls becomes necessary (very expensive).

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