Termite damage found during home inspection

Termite damage found during home inspection
termite damage

Termite Damage Found During Home Inspection

Termites damage is often found when homes are sold by home inspectors. Termites can and will do real damage to the structure of a home. The very hard part about finding termites is that they eat the wood from the inside out. Often there will be NO signs of termite activity at all that are visible on the exterior of the wood structure.

Sometimes there are what appear to be light brown spots visible in the lines that forms the grain of the wood. Termites like to eat wood along the grain as they tunnel through the wood. Termite damage can be very expensive to correct because the termites start from the ground and actually eat the home structure in the opposite order of how the home was constructed.

No matter who tells you the damage is minor and not a factor do not purchase a home without all the termite damaged structure being removed and replaced.

Even if the termite damage is not harming the structure. Even if the home will not have any adverse problems due to the termite damage. Even if the damage is just cosmetic. Termite damage is termite damage, there is no such thing as good termite damage.

Homes may function just fine with termite damage however next time the home is sold the new buyer and the new home inspector will find the damage again and once again require the home to be treated for termites. Not only is this a waste of your money it is needlessly dumping expensive chemicals in the soil.

No one can easily determine the extent of termite damage when the termite damage adjoins an area covered by finishes until and unless the finishes are removed. I have seen and heard many a home owner, many a real estate agent and yes even attorneys tell clients not to worry about termite damage because nearly every home has termites. While it may be true nearly every home has termites my client is not buying any home, they are buying this home usually with every penny they have to their name. My clients have the right to demand proper repairs and I encourage them to do so in order to avoid very expensive surprises in the future.

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