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Jersey City Home Inspections are my specialty!

Home Inspection Neighborhood Environmental Report

I’ve performed well over 100 home inspections in Jersey City NJ since 1993 (as of 2/2020). Our Jersey City home inspection clients should have confidence when hiring me to perform their home inspection. Odds are I have been in that neighborhood, often on that very street before and that I will have additional knowledge I will share with you that less experienced home inspectors simply do not have.

Jersey City has many very old homes, some newer homes, and recently a major construction surge in highrise buildings. Old homes, especially those with extensive renovations present quite the challenge to many inspectors because there are just not that many of them in existence in other areas of New Jersey. Major renovations on old homes often cause as many problems as they solve when structural members that literally hold the house up get cut by contractors who either do not understand old homes or simply wish to get the job done faster. Getting a renovation or flip house to market as fast as possible is often the goal of the house flipper. Experienced home inspectors know where the “bodies are buried” using that knowledge and experience to hunt down the problems, in order to allow our home buying clients to make better decisions.

PRIOR to putting in an offer on an old home contact your homeowner’s insurance company to determine exactly what plumbing changes or replacements they will be requiring. As a home inspector, I have no way of knowing what requirements your homeowner’s insurance company will have. There is a trend among homeowners insurance companies to deny coverage or require corrective actions to be taken depending on the individual insurance companies assessment of the condition of items like (provided as examples not as an exhaustive list) the condition of walkways, driveways, decks, ponds, pools, roofing, trees on the property, types of electrical wiring and service panels, types of piping, handrails, guardrails, and etc. Any comments in this report about insurance company requirements are for your educational benefit, provided as examples, not as an exhaustive list.

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