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Why Should You Call Accurate Inspections, Inc. Today?

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Why Should You Call Accurate Inspections, Inc. Today?

Personal and Professional Service – Not Voice Mail: Speak directly with our live and professional representatives. We answer our phones and perform inspections 7 days a week for your convenience. Call us at (973) 812-5100 8 am – 10 pm business days, 9 am 5 pm Saturday, and 11 am 4 pm Sunday. We service most of Northern New Jersey (click for list). When it is time to hire an inspector, you want us on your side.

You Can Absolutely Trust Us:“Your home inspection will be performed with the same degree of thoroughness, integrity, attention to detail and care as if I were buying the home for myself.” Michael Del Greco

Please don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at our reviews on YELP 80 +/- Reviews, Google Business 150 +/- reviews and our recent client comments.

Excellence: Our entire team is truly committed to excellence. See why more than 10,000 homebuyers have trusted Certified Master Inspector Instructor, Michael with their home inspections since 1993.

Those who CAN, teach: You will work directly with our President, Michael Del Greco. Michael will use his 25 years of home inspection experience, time spent teaching home inspection students at the Morris County School of Technology, mentoring field training for student home inspectors, and teaching Continuing Education to other licensed home inspectors to teach you about your new home.

Teaching Taught Michael To Learn: Michael has learned from over 10,000 clients what is important to home buyers (like you), so he can better educate you about the home you are purchasing. You will be shown what is wrong, why it is wrong, what to do about it, and what can be expected to happen if no corrective actions are taken. Click to read about the home inspector who taught other home inspectors. Learn more about our Core Values

Our Promises To Our Clients: What we promise every client: Michael’s detailed inspections have helped buyers negotiate better home prices, assisted them with getting needed repairs completed by sellers prior to closing, and even prevented the purchase of homes that would have been detrimental to their financial or physical well-being. Michael will work for you, not for real estate agents. Accurate Inspections, Inc., guarantees you will receive an unbiased and Accurate report every time.

Our Agenda: Everyone involved in the purchase and sale of a home has an agenda. Many people associated with the real estate transaction only get paid when the transaction closes, however, our agenda is solely to provide you with the information necessary to make an informed buying decision.

Make No Mistake: Michael represents you and your best interest. Michael is a professional home inspector who will place your interests and concerns above all others. We work for our clients 100% of the time. We do not work for or have any allegiance to the homeowner or real estate agent. Our attention is devoted to educating our clients about the home they are in the process of purchasing. Call (973) 812-5100 8 AM – 10 PM Business Days Sat 9 AM-5 PM Sun 11 AM-4 PM or Contact Us today to arrange your Inspection then click to read home inspection preparation advice.

History: Michael Del Greco established Accurate Inspections, Inc. in 1993, and has been providing nothing short of total satisfaction for home buyers. A Michael is considered to be one of the best home inspectors to turn to when you need experience, impartiality, and a thorough home inspection. Before founding Accurate Inspections, Inc., Michael Del Greco worked as a construction manager for seven years who oversaw the construction and renovation of homes, commercial and industrial buildings.

Licenses and Professional Affiliations: Certified Master Inspector Instructor, Licensed New Jersey Home Inspector, FAA Remote Pilot Certificate (allows the use of drone), ASHI Certified Inspector, Member of: InterNACHI, Garden State ASHI, and the Independent Home Inspectors of North America.

Knowledge: Michael has learned how to convey the knowledge home buyers need to make informed decisions and why our clients should not to fall for the “AS IS” trap. Michael attends continuing education classes as well as New Jersey Home Inspection Advisory Committee Meetings Meet Michael.

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: Client service has been our priority since 1993. Our goal is not only 100% client satisfaction but for 100% of our clients to refer us to additional clients and real estate attorneys. While we are sure you will be satisfied with our work, if you are not, no problem. The cost of your home inspection will be on us. Our 7 days a week home inspection service is focused solely on providing you with the correct information about the physical state of your potential home.
The lack of affiliation with any real estate company means you can trust our report to be accurate and to completely reveal hazards and defects.

Reports: Our detailed and thorough reports are prepared specifically for your property. Your incredibly detailed inspection report will include pertinent photographs of the property along with information to help you negotiate a better home price or to assist you in getting needed repairs completed by sellers prior to closing, our reports help you to find the truth out about the condition of your potential purchase. Click to read why we are different.

Our home inspection reports are NOT generated by a simple and easy to use system (easy for the inspector), even when it generates useless generic reports. Each and every one of our reports is prepared for each individual property by the very home inspector who inspects the home. Our home inspection reports tell you what is wrong, why it is wrong, what to do about it and what can happen if corrective actions are not taken.

Education: We understand the stress involved with any new home purchase and will work to ensure your understanding of the inspection process every step of the way. Michael is prepared to educate you about any issues that may exist within the home. Any area of the house where concern exists will include recommendations to correct the problem. If any items appear to be immediately hazardous or unsafe, this will be noted as well. Our report, along with the home inspection book we provide to you on site, will give a step-by-step summary accompanied by pictures, diagrams, and instructions on how to keep your house in the best condition for many years to come.

    In Simple Terms Michael Will Tell You:
    -What is wrong
    -Why it is wrong
    -How it can be corrected
    -What might result if it isn’t corrected

    Value: Considering the exceptional value we offer, it is no wonder why our clients consistently give us such high praise.

    • “I found the services of Michael Del Greco of Accurate Inspection to be highly informative and extremely helpful to me in making my decision to buy this property. Michael explained everything very clearly and plainly. His knowledge … gave me extreme confidence in his service. I would recommend Accurate Inspections to anyone buying a home.”
      Jerry B., Roseland, NJ
    • “Mike was very thorough and detailed. He took the time to explain all wrongs and offered potential solutions.”
      Mike G. & Jayme K., Summit, NJ
    • “Mike is very patient to answer all our questions and the first time home buyer. Very reliable.”
      Dan & Zi Y., River Edge NJ
    • “This was the most thorough inspection I have ever had of a house. Michael was an ultimate professional and I recommend him highly!”
      Patricia & Lee G., West Orange, NJ
    • Brian & Lauren S., River Vale, NJ "Michael waws extremely thorough and professional. His ability to locate items and communicate what he sees was exceptional."
    • “Very satisfied. This is my 2nd inspection with Mike and I’d invite him back.”
      Jacqueline N., Bloomfield, NJ
    Why Hire An Expert: Because an expert home inspector can stop you from buying a money pit. Michael is as candid, careful and thorough as anyone you can hope to meet. Accurate Inspection’s very thorough reports are prepared by a meticulous full-time inspector with over 25 years experience, and are used by many to negotialte for credits or repairs other inspectors do not even find!

    What To Expect During Your Home Inspection: Most home inspections take between two and three hours. However, there is no time limit. Should the home you want to purchase prove to be more complex, Michael will take all the time it needs. In addition, he will show you, not just tell you, what is wrong and why it is wrong. He’ll then encourage you to ask questions, and he won’t rush you through them.

    The Home Inspection Process: Accurate Inspections, Inc. works exclusively for you. Perhaps your attorney, friend, colleague, or a relative provided you with a referral to us. Odds are your real estate agent did not refer you to us. This helps to secure our commitment to you, our client and makes sure that there is no bias or pressure for us to overlook issues with the home. Michael will ask you what is important to you and seek for you to understand what he is finding, why it is important and what to do to cure the problem. Perhaps most important he will do his best to teach you what is likely to happen if you do nothing. During the inspection, Michael will take time to explain what he’s seeing and why it matters – and to answer your questions.

    Target: When you hire Accurate Inspections, Inc., to perform your home inspection, Michael will target the key components that many of our clients feel are most important, including the structure, roof, heating, and air conditioning systems, plumbing, and electrical system.

    Unlike Cut-rate Firms: Michael will never rush through an inspection in order to move on to the next one. We’ll also never answer phone calls to deal with other clients during your inspection. When we inspect for you, you’ll have Michael’s attention and as much of his time as it takes to do a complete inspection and answer all of your questions.

    Our Loyalty Is To You: Our clients come to us primarily as referrals from past clients and from attorneys who know the value of our work. We have no loyalty to any REALTORS®, nor do we count on them to send us business. In that regard, we are in the minority. In fact, Michale is one of the few inspectors in New Jersey who has signed a “No Conflict of Interest Pledge.” Too many inspectors rely primarily on real estate agents to send them clients, and this is most assuredly a conflict of interest. Some inspectors are so afraid of “killing a sale” and losing future referrals that they gloss over problems that could seriously damage the home buyer. We have no such fear, and in fact, would rather prevent a sale than let a home buyer become physically or financially harmed.

    Click to read why we are different.

    Were Municipal Permits, Inspections, and Approvals Obtained? As part of our commitment to you, Michael will create a letter customized to the conditions he finds prepared for your signature to send to the municipality to obtain that vital information. Use the OPRA letter as a negative checklist enabling you to demand from the seller corrective actions if all the necessary and required Municipal Permits, Inspections, and Approvals have not been obtained.

    What you can expect after the inspection: You’ll go home with a copy of Michael’s checklist, but that’s not all there is to a report. We know that you need to read and digest your report in plenty of time to decide how to proceed. You may use it to lower your purchase price, to convince the sellers to make repairs prior to closing, or to change your mind about purchasing the house. That evening Michael will use the notes he took during your inspection to write a detailed report outlining the problems he found what they mean to you, and what he believes you need to do to protect your health, safety, and/or finances. The complete report and the photos he took will be posted to a page on his website and you’ll be given the URL to access that page. The next morning, a complete report will go in the mail to you and to your attorney. This customized Home Inspection Book will give you a complete picture of the condition of the house, along with photos and detailed back-up information.

    A Comprehensive Home Inspection Book: It’s a fact: Sellers and their agents frequently dispute home inspectors’ findings. That’s why we provide a comprehensive Home Inspection Book. By providing you with photographs and authoritative references to substantiate our evaluations, our detailed reports give you the back-up you need to validate your request for repairs and/or price reductions.

    Note: While Michael will tell you what kind of expert help is required to correct a problem, he does not refer individual companies or providers. We have no connections with or loyalties to any providers, so you need never worry that we’re recommending a plumber because a friend who happens to be a plumber needs the work.

    Again – Our Only Loyalty Is To You, Our Client.

    A Pre-closing Walk-through Guide: Our reports include a detailed Pre-closing Walk-through Guide in order to help you avoid surprises after you purchase the home. This is important because conditions in the home may change between the time of the inspection and the day of closing. This is especially true when the home is occupied. Your pre-closing walk-through is your opportunity to inspect the house unfurnished for any hidden defects and/or for any conditions that might have changed since the inspection. Using our comprehensive guide and checklist, you can feel assured that with the exception of repairs that have been completed, you’re purchasing a home that is unchanged since the inspection.

    Our Detailed And Thorough Reports Are Prepared Specifically For Your Property: Helping you to find the truth out about the condition of your potential purchase. Click to read why we are different.

    Pretty Web Sites: Some other home inspection company web sites are filled with fluff since few home inspectors have real professional qualifications they can share with prospective clients. It is a shame that the only way many NJ home inspection companies have to get business is by offering low-cost home inspections when quoting buyers home inspection fees vs. offering quality home inspection service.

    Selecting A Home Inspector Is similar to selecting any other professional. One should look for a person with education, training, and extensive experience in the field. Home inspectors are taught by clients what clients think is important. After nearly 20 years of performing home inspections, Michael has a very good idea of exactly what clients consider important and what items are of little consequence. Extensive experience comes into play frequently when conditions exist that can result in further damages or problems and helps many times when attempts are made to cover up problems by unscrupulous individuals.

    It is unlikely you will find many home inspectors who have equivalent qualifications and none that we know of who posts comments by all actual home inspection clients. While it is easy for home inspectors to meet the minimum standards for licensing Michael’s commitment to his clients and bettering the home inspection industry as a whole is deep-rooted. Michael became the 21st home inspector licensed in New Jersey in 2003 (the first year licensing was offered). A Credentialed Wood Destroying Insect Inspector in 2001, a Licensed Radon Measurement Technician in 1993 – present and a Commercial Pesticide Applicator in 1993.

    Please Call: Our professional office staff is waiting to answer your questions and show you how our services can help you make an informed purchase decision. When you call 973-812-5100 you will get a trained staff member anxious to answer your questions 80 hours a week. You will not get voice mail or a distracted home inspector performing another home inspection.

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