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Hackensack NJ Home Inspections are my specialty.

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I’ve performed just about 100 home inspections in Hackensack NJ since 1993 (as of 2/2020). Clients buying homes and condominiums in Hackensack NJ should know I have the education, training, and expertise to educate them about their purchase. Bergen County was my home for many years. I am familiar with the area and with the problems homes in the area typically have. That familiarity allows me to more easily find problems other home inspectors may either struggle to find or miss entirely.

My mission when performing a home inspection for my Hackensack Home Inspection clients is to very thoroughly and methodically inspect the home in order to allow them to learn as much about the home as is possible.

There is no perfect home located within planet earth never mind one specific home that a buyer may select. My goal is not to help you find the perfect home it is to help educate you about a home that is as close to perfect for your needs as is possible.

New, old, very old, or historic homes are all evaluated using the several decades of experience I have accumulated since starting out as a home inspector in 1993. Home inspection standards have changed throughout the years as have the standards our clients expect. My goal is to provide you with the very best and most complete home inspection one can expect to find.

I look forward to performing your home inspection.

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