5 Key Reasons to Have a Home Inspection before Buying a House

5 Key Reasons to Have a Home Inspection before Buying a House
5 Key Reasons to Have a Home Inspection before Buying a House

A home inspection can make quite a difference in terms of a house’s value. Though not mandatory, home inspections can help buyers and real estate agents bargain with the seller and negotiate terms to suit their needs better.

In fact, inspections carried out by professionals are quite thorough and apart from adding negotiating power, they can also reveal a lot about the property’s worth, helping you decide if it’s worth investing in at all.

It may seem excessive decision and in truth, many agents and sellers will discourage you from following through on a home inspection. However, it offers a multitude of benefits. Here are some of them:

5 Key Reasons to Have a Home Inspection before Buying a House

1. They can offer you peace of mind

If nothing else, the biggest advantage of getting a home inspection is the peace of mind that follows. Whatever decision you make, will be in the wake of a detailed report, a clear idea of the issues that are present or might arise, the condition of the property and much more. You won’t regret missing out on a deal and neither will you regret purchasing a home that’s costing you more than you anticipated.

2. Home inspections increase your bargaining power

A detailed inspection of the interiors (HVAC, electrical system, plumbing, cracks, slanting floors, etc.) and the exteriors (walls, foundation, roof, garage) can determine the condition of the home, major damage and other issues that may not have been shared with you. The report and evaluation will allow you to change the terms of negotiation, offering you more bargaining power.

5 Key Reasons to Have a Home Inspection before Buying a House

In fact, these inspections also determine if the appliances are functional or not.

You can come to an agreement about the seller’s repairs using this information as well. Many sellers will agree to pay for part of the damages, but others might not.

3. There’s an opportunity for you to step away from the deal

Inspections provide you the perfect ‘out,’ in situations where you’re not willing to follow through with the deal. There’s a window of opportunity and a reason for stepping away, which may not have emerged otherwise. From disagreeing on the terms of repair and extent of issues, to general dissatisfaction and concern, a home inspection is often the nail in the coffin to call a deal off.

4. They’re fairly inexpensive and cost-effective

It may seem like an added cost or something that’s slowing down the purchasing process, however, a home inspection is relatively inexpensive when you compare it to the unforeseen cost of repairs that you’d end up with.

5. Safety and structural issues can be uncovered

Apart from safety concerns, such as worn-out roofing, improper or exposed wiring, fire hazards, ventilation issues and much more, they can also recognize structural issues such as a cracked foundation or a pest infestation.

These contingencies can help establish the terms in your contract before you finalize your purchase. It can help you find a deal that’s more in your favor. To hire a home inspector NJ in Essex County, Morris County or Passaic County, get in touch with us. Learn more about home inspection Essex County here.


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