Home inspector Michael Del Greco began his career as a home inspector in 1993, after spending 7 years as a construction project manager, building and renovating homes and small office buildings. Click here to read what our most recent clients have to say. Over the past almost 20 years Michael Del Greco has inspected thousands of homes, in addition to having taught home inspection skills to students at Morris County School of Technology, mentored field training for student home inspectors, taught continuing education to other licensed home inspectors and has attended dozens of State of New Jersey Home Inspection Advisory Committee Meetings. Ongoing continuing education classes are part of Michael Del Greco’s commitment to Clients.

Home inspection company web sites are frequently filled with fluff, since few home inspectors have real professional qualifications they can share with prospective clients. It is a shame that the only way many NJ home inspection companies have to get business is by offering low cost home inspections when quoting buyers home inspection fees vs. offering quality home inspection service.

Selecting a home inspector is like selecting any other professional. One should look for a person with extensive experience in the field. Home inspectors are taught by clients what clients think is important. After nearly 20 years of performing home inspections Michael has a very good idea of exactly what clients consider important and what items are of little consequence. Extensive experience comes into play frequently when conditions exist that can result in further damages or problems and helps many times when attempts are made to cover up problems by unscrupulous individuals.

Educating clients is a job we take seriously!

Michael is a professional home inspector who will place your interests and concerns above all others. We work for our clients 100% of the time. We do not work for or have any allegiance to the home owner or real estate agent. 100% of our attention is to devoted to educating our clients about the home they are in the process of purchasing.

Looking around the internet it is not at all likely you will find many home inspectors who have equivalent qualifications and none that we know of that posts comments by all actual home inspection clients. While it is easy for home inspectors to meet the minimum standards for licensing Michael’s commitment to his clients and bettering the home inspection industry as a whole is deep rooted. Michael became the 21st home inspector licensed in New Jersey in 2003 (the first year licensing was offered). A Credentialed Wood Destroying Insect Inspector in 2001, a Licensed Radon Measurement Technician in 1993 – present and a Commercial Pesticide Applicator in 1993.

Accurate Inspections, Inc’s goal is to provide each and every home inspection client with the most thorough home inspection Michael knows how to perform. Our home inspection reports are NOT generated by a simple and easy to use computer program that provides useless generic reports. Each and every report is prepared for each individual property by the very home inspector who inspects the home. Our home inspection reports tell you what is wrong, why it is wrong, what to do about it and what can happen if corrective actions are not taken.

Please call our professional office with your questions or to find out more about our services. When you call 973-812-5100 you will get a trained staff member anxious to answer your questions 80 hours a week. You will not get voice mail or a distracted home inspector performing another persons home inspection.

Each and every home inspection report is typed up by the home inspector who performed your home inspection, and posted to our web site with photographs taken during your home inspection that same evening. We provide you with the URL where the report is located and fax your attorney the same information.

Reports are posted to our web site in order to avoid spam filters, large file size filters and to avoid misdirected e-mails. Hard copy of all reports are printed out and mailed to you and your attorney, you do not have to use your expensive ink printing may pages of photographs.

Please call us at 973-812-5100

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We will be happy to e-mail at no cost or obligation a Neighborhood Environmental Report detailing the locations of Leaking tanks (e.g., gas stations), Chemical Spills (e.g., dry cleaners), Residential oil spills, Clandestine drug labs (34,000+ known in the U.S.)and Superfund sites (about 1,300 in the U.S.) for any street address in New Jersey!

Customer Warning

NJ home inspectors can be licensed with as little as three weeks of class room training and just one week of field training. Less experienced home inspectors may charge less while they learn their trade at your expense. Licensing is a minimum qualification. Make sure you ask for the resume of the actual person who will perform your home inspection!

Areas We Service

We provide New Jersey home inspections in Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Morris, Passaic, Somerset and Union Counties in New Jersey. We accept cash, check, money orders and credit cards. When it is time to hire a New Jersey Home Inspector, you want us on your side.

Inspection Cost

Let's put things in perspective: If you're buying a $350,000 home and the inspection fee is $600, that's .172% of the cost of the home! The cost of a New Jersey home inspection is a bargain! If the inspection turns up little wrong with the home (few do), you've bought some relatively inexpensive peace of mind. If the inspection finds serious problems (most do), then the few hundred dollars you invest in our home inspection could end up saving you many thousands of dollars. Obtaining home inspections by experts can stop you from buying a money pit. I am a candid, careful and thorough NJ home inspector. Our very thorough reports are prepared by a meticulous full time home inspector with over 20 years experience are used by many to help get the seller to pay for repairs other inspectors do not even find!