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Home Inspection Neighborhood Environmental Report

Since 1993 I have performed well over 13,000 Home Inspections throughout New Jersey for my home buying clients. In all instances, I have placed my client’s best interest first. What that means to you, as a home buyer, is that I care about you and your long term interests far more than getting a future referral or two from your real estate agent. Elizabeth and much of Union County have many old homes with unique features only a very experienced home inspector knows how to inspect.

The older the home and the more times it has been renovated or flipped the more complex the home inspection becomes. Many home buyers have thought they were buying picture-perfect homes that look like they are ready to be photographed and placed in designer magazines only to have me show them major problems, damages, and hazards that were carefully covered up.

Try not to use short-term thinking for long-term projects. Rather than think how much can I save on a home inspection you may wish to think how much can hiring the best home inspector save me during the time I own the home.

Newer home, older home, or very old home I have inspected them all and even between those time periods. My expertise, learned from the classroom, in the field, and by the education given to me by my Elizabeth NJ home-buying clients as to what their needs and expectations are all combined to make me the best home inspector Elizabeth homebuyers can find.

Home Inspection Neighborhood Environmental Report
Home Inspection Neighborhood Environmental Report

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