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Clifton NJ Home Inspections are my specialty!

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I’ve performed 750 + home inspections in Clifton NJ since 1993 (as of 2/2020). I have worked in Clifton as a construction project manager or home inspector since 1986. Clifton NJ home inspection clients should have confidence when hiring me to perform their home inspection. Odds are I have been in that neighborhood, often on that very street before and that I will have additional knowledge I will share with you that less experienced home inspectors simply do not have.

Clifton has a collection of some very old homes, great neighborhoods, and many newer homes. The proximity to mass transit allows many residents to get into NYC with ease. Often our clients moving to Clifton do so due to the central location of the home they are buying

Too often the older homes in older towns are quickly renovated by inexperienced or uncaring contractors. In either case, it is to our clients benefit to hiring the most experienced home inspector they can find and or afford. Decades of home inspection experience and decades of my learning what my clients have had problems with in the past will be used to help educate you about the home you are buying. There is no doubt I work for you. Others associated with the transaction may not be happy with my putting your interest above all others, however, over 10,000 of our previous clients appreciate our attention to detail.

While there is no perfect house there is a perfect house for you out there. My goal is to educate you about the home you find in order to allow you to make a better home buying decision.

I am happy to answer your questions while I walk you through the home and I’ll encourage you to participate in the inspection in order to allow you to obtain the maximum amount of knowledge possible in the least amount of your time.

Accurate Inspections provides affordable home inspection services in Clifton, New Jersey. Get in touch with us to schedule an appointment or for further information.

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