Window sill too close to roof

Window sill too close to roof

When a window sill is that close to the roof you might guess snow and ice will accumulate, build up and start to get into the window or worse yet between the window and structural framing of the home causing major latent damages that your home inspector will not be able to see or report on.

I have no idea how to cure this problem other than to seal up the window however usually when I find this condition sealing up the window is not an option due to the layout of the home and or layout of the windows. Often this is a problem a new home owner will have to live with and deal with as problems occur over time.

An additional problem is the lack of adequate sidewall flashing where the brick meets the home. The lack of the necessary and required flashing will allow snow and rain to get down into the structure causing expensive to cure water, rot and or insect damages to the structure that will be very difficult to cure.

Corrective actions are necessary in order to cure the existing hazard and to avoid further damages and hazards.

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