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Purchasing a new home is an undeniably exciting experience. However in some cases, the thrill of moving into a new pad can quickly turn into a nightmare. Even the most well-presented of homes can hide secrets, a scenario that a New Jersey family recently found out the hard way.

Dream Home Turns Dire

Just three days after moving into their dream home the US family realized that the property came with its very own stalker. He described himself as “The Watcher” and relentlessly bombarded the family’s mailbox with terrorizing letters.

“Why are you here? I will find out. My grandfather watched the house in the 1920s and my father watched in the 1960s. It is now my time,” reads one of the anonymous letters.
Now, the family are suing the previous owners for failing to disclose the fact that the house was being permanently stalked by “The Watcher.” When both parties signed on the dotted line no mention was made of the situation. Lawyers are now accusing the original owners of deliberately withholding information about the sinister letters.

While the US$1.3 million six bedroom Union County property appeared to be the family’s dream home, they quickly realized that it was the exact opposite. In fact, the letters caused so much distress that they still haven’t officially moved into the new pad, despite the fact that it was purchased over a year ago. Instead, they’re in the process of re-selling the home, with the Courthouse News Service reporting that “They are unable to live in the home without extreme anxiety and fear for their children’s safety and well-being.”

A Lengthy Legal Battle

Under some US state laws owners and sellers have a responsibility to disclose any defects or incidents that impact the marketability of a property. This includes murders, accidents and of course, long-term stalkers. Unfortunately, New Jersey doesn’t enforce these laws which means that the family could have a complex case on their hands. Currently, they’re suing the previous owners for lack of disclosure, as well as The Chicago Title Insurance Company that handled the sales process. Claims include damages for breach of contract and fraud, as well as a refund for the house, plus interest.
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