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What to Expect of a Home Inspector

What to Expect of a Home Inspector

You will receive your home inspection report on the day that the home inspection has been completed. Along with the report, the buyer will receive the home inspection book that will become handy even after your purchase. The report will also come with the photographs that have been taken of the property. This will be sent to both you and your real estate attorney for review. Another copy will be posted on our website with you having the only access code, so that you can share it with your real estate agent AFTER you review if you choose to do so. A home inspector will not do it for you because the report belongs to you alone as you are their client and not the real estate agent’s.

Overview of home inspection reports: They should will list in detail what possible problems and damages have been noticed in the home, provide pictures to accompany the damages as well as pictures representing why they could not inspect parts of the property you are interested in purchasing. The report will also let you know whether or not further inspection may need to be done in a specific area of the home and who you should consult for the inspection. You must remember to finish all inspections before the end of the contingency time prior to the purchase of the home.

Our home inspection report will cover all areas of the home in detail in this order:

  • Grounds

Grading is defective. Failure to make improvements to surface water controls is likely to result in water infiltration and damages. It is necessary to regrade the soil around the perimeter of the home to encourage surface water to drain away from the foundation walls. Remove debris from gutters and downspouts regularly and configure their discharge so they effectively discharge water at least 10 feet from the home

  • Exterior

The roof covering is in very poor condition. I feel it is well beyond the end of its useful life. It is unlikely the existing roof covering is or will be water tight. Although some roofing materials in this condition MAY function for a short time, near term replacement of the roofing and flashing should be anticipated. PRIOR to expiration of your home inspection contingency further evaluation by a roofing contractor is necessary to determine the scope and cost of the necessary corrective action.

  • Structure

Horizontal cracks exist in the rear foundation wall. These type cracks are indications of serious problems with the structure that require immediate corrective action in order to avoid failure of the structure. PRIOR to expiration of your home inspection contingency, it is necessary for you to obtain further examination and analysis by a qualified, insured and reputable New Jersey Licensed Professional Engineer to define the scope & cost of the necessary corrective action.

  • Electric

Improperly wired (reversed polarity, ungrounded three prong, etc.) receptacles were found in the home. Often improperly wired receptacles are an indication other problems and hazards exist. Immediate corrective action by an electrical contractor is necessary in order to further evaluate and cure the existing unsafe condition and hazard.

  • Heating and air conditioning systems

The furnace heat exchanger is badly rusted. Immediate removal and replacement of the furnace may be necessary as the existing problem may be unsafe. PRIOR to expiration of your home inspection contingency the furnace and heating system must be cleaned, adjusted, repaired and tested by a qualified service person. PRIOR to expiration of your home inspection contingency, obtain certification from a service person the equipment is operating effectively and safely after the necessary corrective action has been taken OR that the necessary replacement(s) was performed.

  • Plumbing

The sump pump is improperly piped to discharge into the sanitary sewer. Pipe its discharge to the exterior to cure the existing hazard.

  • Bathrooms
      There are electric heaters too close to the towel racks and toilet tissue holder. Relocate the towel racks and the toilet tissue or the toilet tissue holder in the bathroom to cure the existing fire hazard.
  • Kitchen
      The kitchen island is not secured to the floor. Secure the kitchen island to the floor to avoid having it fall over and cause serious injury.
  • Interior

Proper and safe guardrails that meet modern standards do not exist to the basement. Installation of proper and safe guardrails that meet modern standards is necessary. To avoid injury guardrails must be secure, at least 36″ high and have vertical openings less than 4″ wide. Horizontal members that child could climb are unsafe. Immediate corrective action is necessary in order to avoid the potential for serious personal injury.

If you live in the state of New Jersey make sure that your home inspector is licensed as they are required by law to be licensed.

What To Expect Of A Home Inspector
What To Expect Of A Home Inspector
What To Expect Of A Home Inspector
What To Expect Of A Home Inspector
What To Expect Of A Home Inspector
What To Expect Of A Home Inspector