What to ask your home inspector about home safety

What To Ask Your Home Inspector About Home Safety

One of the most important aspects of owning a house is making sure that the house is safe at all times. A single stray wire can easily cause a huge fire or fatal electric shock. One of the best ways to find out how best to keep a house safe is by working closely with a home inspector. A home inspector can identify possible problems that may pose a hazard as they walk through a property. Walking with a home inspector as they do so is an ideal way to help learn exactly how to head off such problems before they begin.

Exterior Home Safety

A home inspector will conduct a home inspection of the home’s outdoor spaces as well as all interior spaces. The buyer should be aware of the many types of materials often used in the exterior spaces. Asking questions such as whether a tree needs to be trimmed, if the driveway needs to resurfaced and if walkway to the house has any potential tripping hazards can be important. The buyer’s focus should also be on issues such as the safety of a front porch or an in-ground pool.

Interior Home Safety

The interior of a house is also extremely important when making sure a house is as safe as possible. A buyer should ask the home inspector questions about all housing areas. Many home inspectors will point out where a handrail needs to be placed or why slanting tiles in the kitchen may create a problem. The buyer should ask questions about anything they notice during the inspection such as uneven floorboards or a faucet that turns from cold to hot water too rapidly. The buyer should also ask the home inspector how much it will cost to fix any minor problems they see. In many instances, a home inspector will offer simple, inexpensive suggestions about what can be fixed easily and cheaply to make sure the house is as safe as possible. A buyer should be prepared to ask further questions about safety once they have the final inspection report.

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