Water Heater Stands

Water Heater Stands

While a water heater brought home from the store may not be heavy, one must build a very strong stand for a water heater should there be a need to elevate it.

Water is heavy. Home inspectors know to keep in mind water weighs about 8.3 pounds per gallon so the weight of 50 gallons of water will be 415 lbs plus the weight of the water heater plus the weight of a person or two standing on the stand in order to connect the water heater.

Water heater stands are a must when water heaters are installed in garages or near volatile fumes. Elevating the water heater 18” off the floor can mitigate the danger of an explosion when volatile fumes make it into the combustion chamber of a natural gas or propane water heater.

While installing a stand under the water heater home inspectors know it is also a good idea to install a drip pan piped to the exterior or onto the garage floor. Water leaking from the water heater should be diverted away from the stand, lest it be damaged by water and/or rot. Diverting potentially hot water that is leaking out of a water heater away is a great idea that can help avoid burns.

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