Uncovered electric receptacle

Uncovered electric receptacle

WOW, someone used the wrong depth electric box. The box was not at all deep enough to accommodate the wiring not to mention the junction box it is not deep enough to accommodate the electric receptacle.

Anyone trying to use the electric receptacle can easily die doing so. In order to plug anything into the receptacle one would just about have to touch the live contacts. If anyone were able to plug anything into the receptacle without dying simply moving the cord plugged into the receptacle can easily short the live contacts against the metal box creating a real possibility of fire and shock.

Curing the existing problem may be as easy as installing a junction box extension. Junction box extensions are four sided (no front or back). In addition a cover must be installed that will properly secure the receptacle. The fact that the cost for the box extension and cover may be a few dollars however that will not help the person who got the electric shock or was burned.

When problems like this are found odds are other problems and hazards exist that will also require corrective actions in order to cure the existing fire and shock hazards.

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