Temporary column without proper footing

Temporary column without proper footing

When the floor of the home is sagging sometimes a handyman is called to fix the problem. A cheap and easy way for that handyman to earn some money is to cut a 6″ x 6″ rail road tie close to the correct height and to stuff it under the sagging beam or floor joist. The rail road tie is not cut to the exact height because it will be too difficult to stuff it into place. After the rail road tie is placed under the beam or joist another block of wood is hammered into place under the rail road tie in order to make it nice and tight.

There are a few problems with this. There is no footing under the rail road tie. If weight from the beam is being transferred onto the column the column may very well make the cement floor under it sink or crack. Since the column was installed by amateurs there is no way to know what the actual problem is or if the column will cure what is wrong or not.

In order to be effective a column like this must have a footing under it. It costs time and money to break a cement floor. To excavate out a footing. To fill the hole with cement. Then to get a proper column in place. In addition it is obvious the necessary and required municipal permits, inspections and approvals were not obtained.

Even if the existing condition has been there for years, rest assured when the home is sold next this problem will come up and have to be addressed at that time.

The time to cure this problem is PRIOR to expiration of your home inspection contingency.

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