Taking a Good Look at the Problems with Fences

Taking a Good Look at the Problems with Fences

When it comes to fences, home inspections will focus on whether or not the fence is visible, if it is loose or if it leans. Home inspections will also check to make sure that all the parts that make up the fence are present, such as posts, railings, nails, cement casings and so on. They will also check for damage to these items, as problems like these can cause the fence to be damaged during adverse wind conditions. A fence has a tremendous amount of pressure against it whenever the wind blows.

There are two kinds of fence problems that may occur and would be noted when a home inspection is being done. There is a broken fence, where the fence has been split or if the fence is broken, then it needs to be replaced. It is usually a case of having to remove the fence from the concrete, breaking up the concrete and then redoing the fence altogether. If there is a loose fence, where the actual fence will not be sturdy enough to hold up to windy conditions, the home inspector will also let you know if the loose fence is caused by rotting at the base or if it is broken at the base.

There are other types of fencing that may be more solid than a wooden fence, but wooden fences are the general norm. These wooden fences can be decorated and painted any way the homeowner likes in order to match their home. They can be picketed, blocked or rounded tops, however, they are not as easy as fences that are made of chain links to maintain, unless they have been properly installed and have a weather resistant coating on them. The best wooden fences are made of cedar because cedar does not rot.

To take care of a loose fence you can brace it yourself. It is very effective and can make the fence sturdier. All you need to do is to place a wooden board roughly ten inches further down from the broken post. Ensure that the brace is eighteen inches deep in the ground and cemented. A semi-dry mix is easy to break up should you decide to replace the fence post later. Place the top of the board underneath the top runner and next to the bottom runner then fasten the brace to both runners. It might not look very attractive but, as stated above, it makes for a sturdier fence.

It is very important to brace the fence before it gets windy because it can decrease the chances of the fence actually breaking. You can also prevent further damage to the fence if you apply water sealant to the fence every 2 – 3 years in order to prevent rotting. If you require more advice, or need assistance, it is best to contact a Fence Company. Doing a shoddy job may end up costing you more in the long run.

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