Something to Think About

Something to Think About If You Want To Become A Home Inspector

It is difficult to establish yourself as a home inspector. It is estimated that there are roughly 30 home inspectors per 1 million total population. In order to make a decent living as a home inspector, you would have to do at least 400 home inspections per year.  You would also have to compete with other home inspectors for available jobs in your area. There is also the possibility that there would be some weeks where no jobs are available for you to do. Some inspectors have more work than others, as well.

If you were to work for a home inspection company, you would probably make $50,000.00/year and this is in a good year. Many who own companies make about $80,000.00/year. Having your own home inspection company may appear to be attractive, in this case but then about $30,000.00 of your income would go into Social Security, payroll taxes, health benefits and other expenses to run the business from the electric bill to the pen on your desk. It would amount to the same thing.

There are some home inspection schools that promise you can clear $500.00/day as a home inspector but, in the real world, this is not true. They are just trying to get your attention. Just because you completed a course does not mean that you have automatically become a home inspector. You must also have to have a technical background, have visual recognition skills, have good interpersonal skills, including strong writing skills and have some experience already under your belt. You must also be able to adhere to a strong code of ethics. Inspections do not happen during the holidays, while there are snow storms or other weather conditions – so you will have to count those days out.

Before you think of opening your own business, in order to circumvent the amount of jobs available, talk to an accountant to see how successful you may be and the costs that could be involved. If you are not prepared, your business would fail within the first year due to unpredictable circumstances.

Not only are home inspections hard on the wallet but they are also physically and emotionally demanding. You will have to tolerate going into dark and damp crawlspaces, going up into overheated attics, dealing with snakes, wasps and rodents and climbing up tall ladders. You will also have to risk hurting yourself, such as when you have to check the electric system or climbing on a roof. It is emotionally impacting when you have to deal with people from the real estate agent, who just wants to close the deal, to your over demanding client who expects you to be perfect. This can be especially stressful when you have to tell people things that may upset them.

In the end, if you like doing things in a methodical manner, analyzing data and are good with people then you are headed in the right direction.

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