So you want to be a Home Inspector

So you want to be a Home Inspector

If the idea of becoming a home inspector seems appealing, and then make sure it will be something you can do before you pay for the courses. Call around and find a home inspection company owner who will be willing to take you out on their home inspections. Offer to pay them for their services. Some may not be willing, yet others will let you buy them lunch or charge you $50.00 for every trip. Go on at least twelve home inspections and then try to start writing reports on your own.

If performing home inspections still interests you, then you should take the time to find a good school where the instructor has at least a thousand inspections under his or her belt. This may not appear to be a large amount but an instructor with this much experience will be able to give you the basics of what to look for and what to expect in the field. Not only should you pass the classroom exam but try to pass one of the national exams as well. In the meantime continue doing field trips with either your instructor or the inspector you’ve been following for the period of time before attending the course.

Also consider taking continuing education courses and other national exams. National exams are created by experienced home inspectors; they review all the questions to make sure that they are up-to-date, not too easy and that they are not too hard for any home inspector to complete. Keep in mind that performing home inspections is going to be one of the easiest things you are going to do, next to opening a business. Running a business requires a completely different skill set, regardless of how passionate you may feel about a career in any field.

Remember that when you are in the field, you will also be doing home inspections for electricians, plumbers, lawyers and other persons who will expect you to do a thorough inspection. For example, if you fail to properly review the state of the electric panel an electrician will notice and not trust you when you inspect the rest of the property. Make sure that you are accurate and that your report is written as clearly as possible.

Be prepared to run into hostile homeowners, real estate agents and construction companies. You should also tolerate climbing up ladders to be able to do an inspection of the roof and crawl through tight spaces such as crawlspaces and heated attics. You must also keep in mind that while you are doing all of this, you will be trying to avoid litigation issues. If you run your own home inspection business there are many other things that you must learn for the process to go smoothly.

Keep in mind, there are different laws in different states regarding home inspectors. Some states have certain regulations concerning licensing, so it is always best to find out as much information as possible.

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