Smoke Detector

Smoke Alarm Tips on why it is NECESSARY to install combination photoelectric smoke alarm and an ionization smoke alarms

Follow these smoke alarm tips to help save your life and property in the event of a house fire.

At a minimum, install one combination photoelectric smoke alarm and an ionization smoke alarm on each floor of the home as well as outside of each bedroom or sleeping area in your home and inside each bedroom or sleeping area. Smoke alarms inside bedrooms or sleeping areas will respond faster to fires inside those rooms than alarms outside in the hall.

Popular combination photoelectric smoke alarm and ionization smoke include the battery powered First Alert SA320CN, BRK 3002 and the Kidde PI9000. Popular 120 volt hard wired alarms include the First Alert SA773CN, BRK SA773CN and the Kidde PI2010. These model numbers are provided as a public service not as a recommendation. Clicking on the above photo links and placing an order will generate a 4% commission for me, you are encouraged to comparison shop PRIOR to placing your order.

When sleeping keep your bedroom doors closed while you are asleep. Installing one combination photoelectric smoke alarm and an ionization smoke alarms on every level of your home can provide an added measure of safety.

Replace your smoke detectors every ten years. Most of the time the manufacture date is on the rear of the smoke alarm. If there is no date tag error on the side of safety and replace the smoke alarm. Regularly test smoke alarms to ensure that the alarms are working properly.

Every Spring and Fall when you change your clocks, remember to change your smoke alarm batteries. Use only fresh quality batteries as recommended by the manufacturer.

Develop an escape plan, update it as needed and regularly review the plan with all members of the family. Keep in mind children and elderly are likely to require assistance should a fire occur. Make sure you have a meeting place outside the house for all members of the family to ensure that everyone gets out safely. When fire occurs, get out of the house and use a neighbor’s telephone to notify the Fire Department.


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