Shock missing flashing

Shock missing flashing

If I look at 50 decks odds are I will see properly installed flashing once. One out of about 50 decks I see have proper flashing. That includes new decks, old decks and my personal favorite one the owner says the best contractor in town just finished with the strictest municipal inspection still with no flashing.

Statistically it is impossible for every home owner to hire the best contractor and for every municipality to have the strictest code inspector. It is just not possible just like ever driver can not be the best driver there is.

Yet I continue to see decks without the required and necessary flashing where they meet the home. Without proper flashing rain and especially snow get into the wood structure where they cause water, rot, insect and mold damage.

Wet wood is always a problem as wet wood is conducive to all types of things going wrong. One would think flashing costs $1,000 a foot the way it is left out of deck projects.

Additionally this deck has interior type connectors going into the junction boxes with exposed unprotected romex wiring. These conditions are all real fire and or shock hazards that all require immediate corrective action to cure these hazards.

It cracks me up when the home owner stands there and with a straight face tells me their home inspector said it was all just fine when they bought the home. Often I am not laughing when they show me a home inspection report that does not indicate any problem exists. Thus they bought the home without knowing to ask for repairs and lived with these unsafe conditions for years or even a decade without even knowing how hazardous these conditions are.

Hiring an experienced professional home inspector is not much more expensive than hiring one who has the absolute minimum qualifications. In fact the $200 one can save by hiring a cheap home inspector can end up being very expensive in the long run.

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