Rusted steel column

Rusted steel column

While many believe a steel column like this is solid steel and that the rust is just surface rust. Actually the steel this column is not much thicker than a credit card or two. The columns are then filled with cement. The cement inside the column has no ability to bear weight. The cement is inside the column is there to help dissipate heat in the event of a fire. The cement inside the column does not support the home or the loads imposed upon it.

Surface rust like this is significant. Removal and replacement of these columns is necessary in order to avoid movement of the structure. The cost for removing and replacing each column is a few hundred dollars or so. A section of cement around the base of the column must be removed, beam over the column must be temporarily lifted, the existing columns must be removed and replaced. The cement floor is then patched up.

Needless to say lifting a house is a job for professionals. If the beam is lifted too high cracks will occur in the home as will other problems and hazards.

Since the structure is being repaired it is necessary for municipal permits, inspections and approvals to be obtained.

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