Round steps without handrail or guardrail

Round steps without handrail or guardrail

Steps leading to the exterior of a home as far I am concerned should all have handrails and guardrails in order to help avoid injury during a slip and fall as well as to act as a physical reminder of the geographic location of the steps. While we all think we will remember there are steps outside our own home that is not always true. In the event of an emergency or crisis a person running out the door may forget the steps exist and may be injured.

The old and the young are those most likely to be injured when there are no handrails or guardrails. As for how to install guardrails with a platform that small I just have no idea how to make this condition safe or how to avoid the existing hazard.

Compounding the small size of the platform issue the shape of the round platform makes construction of a handrail and a guard rail exponentially more difficult.

Round steps may be pretty however when we walk up and down steps we expect them to run left to right parallel to the home. Steps like this with an unusual configuration are very difficult to go up and down.

The uneven stair risers add an additional level of concern.

Picture one foot of snow against the home. Now realize no one walking around the home would know about the steps would be able to find the steps without bumping into them. A guest heading out for a quick smoke would be found laying on the patio.

Immediate corrective actions are necessary to cure the existing hazard.

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