Preparing Yourself for Your Home Inspection Career

Preparing Yourself for Your Home Inspection Career

So now you have graduated from home inspection school, have passed the required tests and have performed a minimum number of home inspections with a mentor. If you can find more things wrong than your mentor or covered everything that your mentor has found then you should give it a try on your own. For every few home inspections you do, go back to your mentor and ask him or her to review your reports. After about one hundred home inspections on your own you should be confident enough to no longer rely on him or her. Do not worry, your future clients will be happy to submit claims anytime they think you missed something and you will learn from them. Many other home inspectors get taught real lessons by a man or woman wearing a long black gown. Yet other new home inspectors get taught what can be an more serious lesson by their State Licensing Board.

Make sure that you understand the laws and codes of your state and municipality to completely avoid having written warnings, license revocations or even fines. The litigation and cost of paying your lawyer can be very expensive and the chances that you can win over the judge are minimal.

Keep your information up-to-date by frequently by attending CEU classes. There are also message boards online where home inspectors learn from each other and talk about their experiences. This is also a way for you to hone your skills, as there may be items in books and on the internet that can help you to further your career.

One rule to remember is, if you don’t write your report in simple language so that even a ten-year-old can understand it, then you are doing a bad job. You must also make sure that all the steps have been taken and that nothing is missing from your report. Spend at least a half hour of your time reviewing what you have written. One way to make sure that your report is clear is to hand it to an actual ten-year-old and see if he or she can understand it. If they cannot then keep rewriting it until they do.

Once you have graduated you have two options: join a home inspection company or open your own business. If you are opening your own business, there are certain steps that must be taken. For instance, plan to spend a few thousand dollars for at least four years’ worth of errors and omissions insurance. Spend your money wisely, as you may spend more money than you make in the first few years. Some home inspectors keep their regular job just to cover the cost of running the business as well as maintaining their household bills.

This is not to say that doing home inspections is not fun. It can be a rewarding experience and many of your clients will thank you for letting them know the condition of the home they are interested in purchasing. They may even be surprised at things you wrote down that they did not notice while inspecting the home themselves. This is, after all, why you are there. Your job is to give your clients peace of mind. If you do a good job you may even be referred to other clients in the future while establishing a good reputation.

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