pilaster repair

pilaster repair

If you take a look at the photo you will see the foundation wall has a “column” added against the foundation wall. The column added like this is called a pilaster. Often the pilaster will be built into the wall during construction when heavy loads are anticipated against the foundation. If a pilaster is properly built into the original building design they are of little concern. Looking at this pilaster one can see the pilaster was just added up against the foundation wall since the blocks it is built out of are not inter locked to the original foundation.

When pilasters are added it is just about always because someone noticed the original foundation walls were moving in one direction or another. This is ALWAYS a big deal. Even if the pilasters were properly designed (these were not) and even if they were properly installed (these were not) and even if they are functioning as intended (these are not) when a person goes to sell the home in the future the same problems and issues will come up.

The pilasters should have been installed below the floor level so the floor would help avoid having the columns slide and move. The pilasters should be secured to the underside of the floor joists so the floor joists would help avoid having the columns slide and move.

Worse yet the foundation walls have moved since the pilasters were installed. Additional (expensive) corrective actions are necessary in order to avoid movement of the wall structure.

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