Peeling paint

Peeling paint
peeling paint off sidding

So the home has some peeling paint. “What is the big deal, you just scrape it down and paint it when you get a chance” many a home buyer has been told by real estate agents and home sellers. Well it is a big deal. First of all the home may have lead based paint on the exterior. Removing the paint is no quick and easy job. Removing the paint that contains lead on a scale of this home requires a skilled professional with all the proper tools and equipment and it will not be cheap.

Additional issues are the siding is already warped, split and cracked. Even if one could remove all the paint the siding will just not look right. Having freshly painted warped, split and cracked siding will still not be visually appealing and will still be a problem for most home owners.

A careful look at the siding will show that it is striated, there are groves cut into the siding as a design. This will make paint removal all that much more difficult. If you like you can remove the word difficult and add the word expensive or use them both.

Corrective actions for this problem include removing all the existing siding, repairing any latent damages to the wood structure behind the siding and them replacing all the siding with new siding. This should be an expensive job if it is done correctly. Replacing this siding with vinyl should last 20 years or so, it is just a matter of who is paying for it and when.

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