Parquet Floors

Parquet Floors

Of all the wood types of flooring available, one of the most commonly used is the Parquet floor. It is diverse in terms of shades and comes in many different types of wood. These wooden floors should be treated and cared for like every other type of wood flooring. The floor must be kept clean as much as possible to prevent it from collecting dust as dust has a tendency to grind into the wood. This can cause darkening and discoloration. Spills should also not be allowed to stand. The best way to remove dust and other debris from a wooden floor is to use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment. Sweeping the floor can make the problem worse.

Solvent-based cleaner or wax will pick up the dirt off your wooden floor when the vacuum cleaner will not. Solvents have a tendency to pick up the dirt by removing the old wax. Remember to frequently change the applicator so that you do not just move the dirt around.

Never wash the floor with water or water based cleaners. It is obvious that water can damage wood and wear away at its finish. If you keep a good eye on your floor, you will notice when it is time to apply a new coat of wax just as the floor starts to look dull and worn. Many times properly applied wax lasts six months to a year providing the wax is applied properly. You may have to wax more in areas that are heavily trafficked, such as in doorways. Do not over wax the floor because a thick wax will remain wet, slippery and will take in dirt making it hard to maintain the floors. A thin coat of wax dries hard and holds up to dirt. After waxing, the floor should be buffed in order to bring up its original shine. Buffing will also increase the ability to harden the wax and make it smoother as it will remove the extra wax.

Floors that are made of cork are very different from floors that are made of wood. They are of poor quality because they do not hold up in areas where there is a lot of traffic. They also stain easily. Another problem with cork flooring is that it will retain smells for a long time. The proper waxing technique should be done, as above, using a non-yellowing wax which can be bought at any hardware store.

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