Hire A Candid Home Inspector

Hire A Candid Home Inspector

I am the candid home inspector who will tell you the truth about the home you want to buy when I perform your home inspection. Make no mistake we work for you, and not any outside interests!

The truth is exactly what you’ll get from Michael Del Greco. If you want a home inspection by an experienced home inspector you came to the right place. Michael is also President of Accurate Inspections, Inc.

Client service: Has been our priority since 1993. Our goal is not only 100% client satisfaction but for 100% of our clients to refer us to additional clients and real estate attorneys.

Everyone involved in the purchase and sale of a home has their own agenda.

  • The home seller hopes the home inspector won’t find any problems at all.
  • The real estate agents know that probably won’t happen, so they hope the home inspector will report only minor problems, ones that can be easily and inexpensively repaired.

We have no ties to any real estate agents. Our service is focused solely on providing you with the correct information about the physical state of your potential home. The lack of affiliation with any real estate company means you can trust our report to be (A)accurate and to completely reveal hazards and defects. We provide you with the information necessary to make an informed buying decision. We do not sell you on additional services because we do not offer any, therefore we have no hidden agenda.

You, as the buyer, often hope that only minor problems exist. After all, since you want to buy the house, you’d like to learn that all is well. You’d like reassurance. But you need the truth.

You need to know exactly what you’re getting into, and whether problems exist that will cost you money and/or endanger your physical well-being.

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Michael Del Greco of Accurate Inspections, Inc. has been telling home buyers the truth for more than 20 years.

We have no ties to real estate agents or to the current homeowner, so our ONLY concern is your physical and financial safety.

In fact, we are one of the very few New Jersey home inspection companies who has signed a “No Conflict of Interest” pledge.

Michael has been involved with the building industry since 1986. From then until 1993 he served as a construction project manager, building and renovating homes and small office buildings. This experience gave him valuable insight into the important issues that affect a home’s structural integrity and safety.

In 1993 he began his career as a home inspector. Since then he’s inspected more than 10,000 homes and saved prospective home buyers untold millions of dollars.

Michael’s extensive experience becomes apparent when he exposes complex problems that could result in further property damage and when he sees symptoms of attempts to cover up existing problems.

Testimonials from satisfied clients attest to his thoroughness and dedication to their welfare.

His promise to every client:
“Your home inspection will be performed with the same degree of thoroughness, integrity, attention to detail and care as if I were buying the home for myself.” – Michael Del Greco

Michael is an educator

Michael is a educator on many fronts. He’s taught home inspection skills at the Morris County School of Technology, mentored field training for student home inspectors, and taught Continuing Education to other licensed home inspectors.

But even more importantly, Michael takes the time to educate the home buyers he serves.

Michael doesn’t just hand clients a written report and expect them to figure out what it means.He takes the time to show them each issue and explain what it means and what might be required to correct it. He wants his clients to know and understand:

  • What is wrong
  • Why it is wrong
  • How it can be corrected
  • What might result if it isn’t corrected

Michael lets his clients know which types of professionals they need to contact in order to further evaluate problems, defects and to prepare proposals in order to assist in negotiations with the home seller.

Michael is a student

Michael believes in the importance of continuing education and in keeping up with the trends in home construction. New innovations in building call for more knowledge on the part of home inspectors.

Michael is a communicator

First he’ll take time during the inspection to explain what he’s seeing and why it matters – and to answer your questions. Then, when your inspection is complete, you’ll be given a copy of the checklist he used as he went through the house. But communication won’t stop there.

Back at the office Michael will review his notes and his photographs and personally write a detailed report outlining the problems he found, what they mean to you, and what he believes you need to do to protect your health, safety, and/or finances. That same evening your report, along with photographs, will be posted to a his website. You’ll of course be provided with the URL. In the morning a hard copy of the reports and the photographs will be mailed to you and your attorney, in order to save you a trip out to buy expensive printer ink.

Do you have questions?

When you have questions or are ready to schedule for your home inspection,

PLEASE CALL US AT (973) 812-5100. A trained staff member will be pleased to answer your questions or schedule your inspection (8 AM to 10 PM Business days, Saturday 9 AM to 5 PM and Sunday 11 AM to 4 PM).

A Warning: The unhappy truth about New Jersey Home Inspectors:
Before you choose an inspector based on price alone, think twice. Ask for a resume and see if that inspector has the experience and expertise to tell you all you need to know before you sign those closing papers.

New Jersey home inspectors can be licensed with as little as three weeks of classroom training and only one week of field training. They need not have even had construction experience. Inexperienced inspectors often charge less in order to buy your business while they gain experience, sometimes at your expense.

We provide New Jersey home inspections in Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Morris, Passaic, Somerset and Union Counties in New Jersey. We accept cash, check, money orders and credit cards. When it is
time to hire a New Jersey Home Inspector, you want us on your side.

Obtaining home inspections by an expert home inspector can stop you from buying a money pit. I am a candid, careful and thorough NJ home inspector. Our very thorough reports are prepared by a meticulous full time home inspector with over 20 years experience are used by many to help get the seller to pay for repairs other inspectors do not even find!

Do you like discounts? If so please tell the inspector you read this far down to save $18 on any weekday full home inspection paid for by check, money order, or cash. This offer may not be combined with any other discounts or coupons. Not valid Saturday, Sunday, or legal holidays or when credit cards are used for payment.