Say No Thanks To Your Realtor’s Home Inspector

So No Thanks to your Realtors Home Inspector

Say No Thanks To Your Realtor’s Home Inspector

It may seem like a matter of convenience to work with a realtor recommended inspector, but think again as you may find the recommendation to benefit everyone except the most important person…you.

Three Is Not Always the Charm: It is common practice in many states for potential homebuyers to receive a list of three preferred home inspectors from their realtor. Convenient, right? No so much! While the inspector may be highly knowledgeable, it may not be a great idea to choose someone with a proclivity towards completing the sale. As states, home inspectors may “be aware that finding large amounts of inspection issues may threaten their future inclusion on that agent’s list of recommended inspectors.”

There may be a major conflict of interest: Naturally, you have the desire to protect your investment and wish to be sure your money will be spent on the right home. To make sure your purchase is a good one, an adequate, unbiased home inspection report is a must. It can really be tough to trust the inspector will report all defects when their livelihood may depend on closing deals for realtors.

You may not be a top priority: As the potential homebuyer, you should feel as though you are a top priority and that your purchase is greatly appreciated. However, your decision to work with a realtor-inspector duo may make their relationship appear to be a prioritized partnership while you become second in line.

Working with an independent home inspector without ties to realtors can prove to be a sound choice. Accurate Inspections, Inc. is not affiliated with any New Jersey realtors and is trusted among the community to provide objective and highly accurate inspection reports.

So No Thanks to your Realtors Home InspectorSo No Thanks to your Realtors Home Inspector

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